I’m Excited: Dior Ultra Shimmering Diamond Powder in Amber Glow

Ooooohhhhh. I have heard so many good things about the Dior Diamond Powder in Amber Glow so I am excited to be a proud owner of it:

Dior Ultra Shimmering all over face powder amber glow.jpg

This isn’t really a review, more of a Ooohh post.

Me and higlighters are meh.

There’s too many things that can go wrong. To light, too glittery, too powdery, too shimmery. At first touch this powder feels quite hard to touch – its not overly soft (like you dip your brush in it and tons of product comes off) – it feels more controlled than that.

This powder is graduated with various shades of white, amber, beige:

Dior Ultra Shimmer Powder Amber Glos.jpg

Its a really nice product – now I see why everyone keeps raving about it! So far, its given me a lovely highlight on the skin but with NO pore magnification, NO glitter, NO white cast – just GLOW!

There’s a pink version of this but I’d highly recommend this for olive skins.

Close up:

dior amber glow ultra shimmer powder.jpg

Eek, this is turning into a review when its only supposed to be a preview!

Its just a really beautiful non garish glow it gives. It succeeds where a ton of my other, just as expensive highlighters have failed.

Dior Ultra Shimmering Powder Amber glow.jpg

Will demonstrate this product soon in some FOTDs and hopefully, videos!

Do you have Amber Glow?

What is your favourite highlighter?

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  1. Kelly says

    I just bought this and its the best- see my blog post. I had my eye on it for ages but because it is quite expensive held off but sooo glad I got it now. I dont think its over shimmery just gives an amazing glow that we all want :)

  2. baby in a corner says

    i love your site! just reading through a lot of the blog posts with a cup of coffee when i’ve time!
    would you use this over your whole face or just on cheekbones? after setting with loose powder first?

  3. says

    I bought both this color and the pink one (yay for coupons and birthdays!), and both are lovely on me (NW20, MUFE HD 115). Really, I think it’s a matter of the rest of the colors I am wearing than the color of my undertone (definitely pink). Pink/red/purple blushes look great with the pink one, neutral/peach blushes look great with the amber one.