MUFE Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Colors are waterproof goodness!

Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Cream colours come in 22 bold shades and are pigmented multi use pots of waterproofed goodness. Wow – a mouthful.

The Aqua creams are £16.95 each which put me off a little at first – I though they would be more at the £12 mark but like a sucker, I decided to buy 3 to try them out.

After all, these are waterproof and can be used on the eyes, cheeks and lips. As long as you don’t choose some ridiculous colour, of course!

Make up for ever aqua cream waterproof cream colour.jpg

What can you tell about me from the 3 colours I picked out of the 22 on sale, I wonder?

I bought Intense 20 Blue, 9 Coral and 11 Gold (sorry if its actually called something else). I figured Coral would work on lips and cheeks, and gold can be used all over the shop.

Make up for ever aqua cream foundation .jpg

These come in light weight plastic jars (was expecting glass). You get a medium amount – more than a gel liner though and of course its very pigmented.

The colours in close up:
Lovely! I love how they are really strong, pigmented colours – no messing about. These are quite soft once you scoop a bit out, but not too gooey (unlike the Flash colours that don’t seem to set).

Make Up For Ever MUFE Aqua Cremes.jpg


MUFE MAke Up For Ever Aqua Creams.jpg

I tested out the blue and gold on my eye. It did indeed last rather well with no creasing and vibrant colour:

Make Up For Ever MUFE Aqua Cream Intense Blue Gold .jpg

On my lips, the coral didn’t fare too well. It brought out the dryness and flaky bits and even with some clear gloss on tip, the effect was not at all pretty even though the colour is:

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Coral .jpg

Oh well. There aren’t that many shades that I think are lip suitable in the range so perhaps the lips was not the priority.

Using the 3 colours on my face. Sorry about the bright cheeks – but seriously, its lovely on the cheeks even if it ain’t too hot on the lips.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Waterproof Mak eUp Look.jpg

Would I buy more? Yes! But I am in no rush. Its a great product but I’m not compelled to buy a ton more for no good reason…unless I go on holiday. Then I’ll buy a whole load of colours!

I bought all my MUFE from Guru Make Up Emporium – they’re great!

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