Foundation Stick! MAQUillage Lasting Stick Foundation UV Review

I have a massive soft spot for MAQUillage base products and lip products – always such good quality. My latest purchase was the Maquillage Stick Foundation – eek. With the current exchange rate I paid almost £29 for this – not cheap at all.

Nevertheless here it is on the model:

Shiseido MAQuillAGE Foundation.jpg

Gorgeous visual, I love the beady thing on her head…

Here is the foundation stick. Another thing I like about MAQUillage is that its provides for slightly darker skin like mine – the OC30 is a great match for my NC35-40 skintone (a lot of Asian brands are just too pale).

The stick comes in basic packaging:

MAQUillage Lasting Stick Foundation YV Shiseido.jpg

The stick comes in a silver stick – pretty standard packaging and a bit annoying as it gets greasy finger marks on it!

The last stick foundation I bought was Shu Uemura’s Nobara Foundation Stick.Its nice, creamy and lovely.

MAQUIllage Stick Foundation UV Shiseido.jpg

As is this foundation. It needs no warm up time at all, it just eases into the skin right away, creating – if you want, quite an even toned complexion.

It wouldn’t have a problem offering a medium to high cover I think.

MAQUillage Foundation UV Shiseido Base.jpg

As mentioned earlier, MAQUillage do go that little bit darker than other brands. Having said that – whilst the depth of the colour is there I feel like there is a tiny bit of ‘ashy’ tone in the foundation.

So when its first applied it looks a bit odd – almost ‘dead’ on the face. Once this is blended and left to warm on the skin, we are ok.

But at first – just a warning – its quite an odd shade to apply to the face.

MAQUillage UV Foundation Shiseido Base.jpg

Before and afters – my skin has been plotting its revenge against my lack of sleep, so do excuse it.


MAQUillage UV Climax Foundation Stick Shiseido.jpg


MAQUIllage UV Foundation Stick .jpg

I would say that this needs setting with some powder. Its essentially a cream foundation and it doesn’t set to a powder finish, so it needs some help to stay in place.


Its expensive, the colour is a little worrying at first but its also quick and easy to use – and much creamier than other foundation sticks I have tried. Would I recommend it?

Yes if you want UV protection in your base and if you prefer, for whatever reason, foundation in a stick form. It will offer a good amount of coverage that you can layer.

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  1. Kirsten T says

    You have to apply the product along with photoeditor softwear to achieve the zero pore effect on the model 😛