While the Cats away…Friday Competition, Name The Cosmetic Candy Cat!

The cat is away (that’s me!) in London for a few days. It was supposed to be a relaxing trip but me being me, I’ve managed to book up my days with events, appointments and shopping trips.

I also want to visit the Uniqlo Flagship Store for Paul & Joe t-shirts, Top Shop Flag Ship Store for Orelia Jewellery, Westfield Shopping Centre for Inglot, The Japan Centre for my fix of VOCE and MAQUIA, and I am using my Wahanda £2 voucher for a Pedicure at HQ Hair!

Busy Bee.

Anyway, I have a special competition for you ladies (and gents!).

I’d like someone to help me name the Cosmetic Candy Cat – this lady here who is the logo for the blog:

Cosmetic Candy.jpg

She is actually inspired by my real life cat who is the grumpiest cat in the WORLD. And here she is looking miserable:

yuki bear cat.jpg

Want to think of a name for me?

The winner, if there is one (I’m not naming her Catsy the Cat or Lopsy or Fido) will get a really 10 piece goody bag stuffed full of skincare, make up and nail polish. And sweets. Lots of sweets.

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  1. Eris – Greek goddess of discord and chaos hehe. I would have named my cat this is she hadn’t already had a name when we got her. I suppose Taz (as in the tazmanian devil) equates to the same thing mind x

  2. How about Gesso ?

    I chose this as a link between your favourite things, Cosmetics and Cats.

    Gesso as in the White MAC eyeshadow colour. x x

    Have a lovely weekend hun x x x

  3. How about “Stella”? :-)

  4. Well, this is the Cosmetic *Candy* site, so how about Crystal, the Cosmetic Candy Cat?

    I’m also thinking that rhyming is good, so what about ‘Sandy from Cosmetic Candy’?

  5. tigerslovepepper says:

    She got a lot of blush on her cheeks so, what about Fard (italian word for blush)?

  6. I hope I can choose more than one :)


  7. tigerslovepepper says:

    Ehmm, maybe “fard” in English is just too close to another word… xD
    I’ll think of something better. 😀

  8. Emma Clarke says:

    Desdemona – Since she’s a bit of a grouch, you could call her ‘Mona’ for short.

  9. Patricia Manlapaz says:

    I was thinking Prissy. You did describe your real life cat as grump so I don’t know. I think it fits her personality :)

  10. Jane Willis says:


  11. How about:

    Amabelle- meaing loveable.


  12. What about…

    Pippi, Naomi, Clementine, Cleo(patra), Dutchess, Moxie, Agatha (Agie for short), Adell,

    Characters from one of my favorites series:
    Polgara, Ce’Nedra, Poledra, Sadi, Layla, Porenn, Salmissra, Issa, Ariana, Adara, Nerina, Vella, Zubrette (she was a brat in the book), Cyradis.

    Lots of choices.. :)

  13. Caroline says:


  14. sabriel (:

  15. maybe blanche because that’s the feminine version of white in french, also cats with old lady names are adorable.

  16. Candy… the cosmetic cat.

  17. Kirsten T says:

    the cat reminds me of soft nougat 😛 and its a candy too!

  18. Mika! sounds like a name for a cute cat but with a bit of personality 😛

  19. Lights


  21. Goethe. It sounds like cool cat name, and the cat seems to fit the name.

  22. Purrl

  23. whitepony says:




  24. Deanna G. says:

    How about Kitty Candy? Or Candy Kitty?

  25. The green, white, and pink of the photo of your actual cat inspires me to suggest Lily.

  26. I’m submitting “Catastrophe” — and not just because I’m obsessed with taking plain ‘ol nouns and turning them into proper nouns. It’s punny (which is *so* much better than funny,) a little bit weird (just enough to make it uncommon,) and I mean, really… when you put a grumpy cat in a roomful of makeup, what do you get?

    A catastrophe!

  27. I know Arielle wrote Mika,

    But I think Arielle is a gorgeous name,

    and doesn’t it make your whites whiter?

    Or is that Daz?

    anyway, i’m adding Arielle coz it’s beautiful.

  28. but i liked lopsy :)

  29. What a cutie. Here are some names I thought of –
    Pinky/Pinkie for that wonderfully cute pink nose
    Verdi/Verde/Verdelina (my take on those green eyes of hers)
    Faith/Cloud/Lilly something having to do with her whiteish coat
    Dolce – sweet because your blog is cosmetic candy… Candy is sweet… Your cat looks like a sweetheart

  30. Rach Watson says:

    Seeing as its Cosmetic Candy I’m thinking Floss as in Candy Floss

  31. How about Flossie? As in Candy Floss – sweet & white & fluffy.

  32. Anna Thomas says:

    How about Sweetie Pie?

  33. Jessica Curtis says:

    How about Isis or Isyss? Cats were a symbol of life and Beauty in Egyptian Culture
    and Isis was a Supreme goddess! I Loved this name so much named my oldest child Isis:-) hope you find a name you really like! Lots of luck:-)

  34. Candy/food derived names: Gumdrop, Snowball, Twinkie, Sherbet.
    Or why not name it after your own cat, it’s Yuki right? :)

  35. I would name her Daisy. She’s white, pretty and (I don’t know why) reminds me of Marc Jacobs perfume Daisy…

  36. I love strange names for cats , my two cats are called jess and chudleigh. i would call you white cat Gussy .

  37. tigerslovepepper says:

    Galatina? This is the name of a white, milky, candy. Mmmm, I love Galatine, it’s been ages since I ate one of those yummy sweets.

  38. Stacie says:

    I think she looks like a grumperina. I can’t take credit for creating the name there is woman with a knitting website who calls herself this but its pretty apt for stroppy pets!

  39. I think she needs something feminine and fun: CeCe, sounds like Sissi the Empress, and stands for Cosmetic Candy 😛 !

  40. What about,
    Blizzard (you said she is grumpy), or
    Penelope (Penny for short if you think is too long), or
    Coco (she looks pretty demure to me), or
    Ingrid (like a serious german woman), or
    Katrina (the white Russian)
    First time I write in your blog, even though I follow you every day. Thanks for the fun readings and reviews!!!!

  41. She looks like persian, what about naming her “noor jahan” . Or “Ara” it means opinionated in arabic or “Jumanah” means silver pearl in arabic or “BiBi” means lady in arabic

  42. I love that kitty, she looks great in all types of makeup on your blog! What a cutie! :)
    I think that Charming is a cute name, and then her full title would be Charming Cat from Cosmetic Candy, as you can tell; alliteration wins.

  43. I think the kitty looks like a Frosty. Frosty the Snowcat. lol

  44. Bigsly Wigglesworth.

    Lmao, you know you love it!

  45. DAMN! Can I change my entry? Lol I just realized its a girl kitty.

    I say Jigglypuff.

  46. the name Phyllida springs to my mind, no idea why! It’s Greek, pretty name

  47. Miss Purrrfect?

    Lame, but at least I tried :)

  48. Coco the Cosmetic Candy Cat.

  49. i bet on:
    nars, ardeen, jest, nehru, victorian!

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