Too Faces Galaxy VS Nars Eyeshadows

Boots had a great offer on buy any two products from Urban Decay or Too Faced and get £5 off.

So I invested in the Galaxy Collection (anything else from Too Faced can probably be found on Ebay for a fraction of the price):

I did some swatches to compare the Too Faced collection to the possible Nars equivalents. With NARS, the colours are black generally but have another colour pushing through. With Too Faced because the colours are swirled, you can definately get different effects from it. So the Too Faced is swatched by choosing the lightest colour, the darkest, then the two of them mixed together. The Nars is swatched next to it:


Blues – I can’t for the life of me find my Night Flight eyeshadow, so I used China Blue to compare it with, which isn’t entirely fair, since Night Flight is black with blue shimmers, and China Blue is a matte royal blue:



After swatching the colour like this, I think that the Too Faced shadows are worth keeping. You can really get different tones from them, whereas with the NARS, as beautiful as they are, the colours are flatter. The green Too Faced eyeshadow is especially good for getting three very different colours.

Definately use these colours with a primer – it really makes it stick and stand out. The Too Faced eyeshadows are baked, so very fragile – the SA dropped my Deep Space Eyshadow and I didnt notice at the time, but when I got home the top of it just fell apart.

There isn’t much else I love from Too Faced, but this range of Eyeshadows are just gorgeous!

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  1. MandyPandy says

    Wow, we never get discounts of prestige cosmetics here in the states. I wish we had freestanding Boots stores. Man!

    Gosh, I’m sorry to hear about the broken e/s. Since it was the SA’s fault, hopefully they’ll let you exchange it, y/y?

    Too Faced also makes an eyeshadow primer, Shadow Insurance that’s comparable to UDPP, but packaged in a convenient squeeze tube.

  2. ' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' says

    wow the SA dropped your eyeshadow? i’d be raving mad….

    nice swatches ! I wouldn’t normally give baked shadows a second look but those Too Faced ones look quite appealing.

  3. Row says

    Hey Mand the Pand

    Don’t you guys get tons of samples though? And like, the freedom to return something thats utterly crap?

    They did let me change it over though, mainly because it was a doazy 17 year old girl who was too busy gossiping to her mates…

    Yes! I wanted to get Shadow Insurance but the silly girl doing my make up was like – TRUST ME FIRST BASE IS THE BEST – and judging by the way her eyeshadow was welded to her face I believed her like a fool. A FOOL!

  4. Row says

    Hey BLU

    Yep the MA was seriously ditzy. I should have checked but would have felt bad, taking the item out of the box and shaking it in front of her!

    They are really nice shadows if u like the drama!

  5. MandyPandy says

    I WISH we got tons of samples! No, usually you have to beg for them shamefacedly as most SAs are loathe to give ’em out. At my local Macy’s, SAs will often deny they have samples, or hide them and not mention them (so they can keep them, sell them, or give them to their friends, according to another Macy’s SA). The MAC SA at Bloomingdales refused to give me samples, even though free samples are part MAC’s credo.

    Also, some stores will let you return products easily, but not all. Some only issue store credit for opened items or otherwise. Others take down all of your information as if you were a petty criminal for returning their garbage.

    Hmm… I think First Base is alright for applying over Shadow insurance, to a) keep your eyelids from getting too dry, b) give any eyeshadow a little more shimmer and c) creating a slightly wet look, before foiling on shadows. I don’t know what that SA was playing at; FB is like, pure grease! You could never use it alone. Methinks homegirl was a lying liar, and knows you won’t be able to return it now.

  6. Row says

    Hey Mandy

    Well, you don’t really get samples over here, if you have a helpful SA you will – I find the girls at higher end stores more helpful than the ones that work in say Boots have are quite archaic in their views….

    Well the Too Faced gal looked like she wanted to cry, as she told me it was her first week and her feet were killing her. I admit it – I felt bad for her. I wanted shadow insurance! Tut tut. Ah well I can always use with with some Art Deco or good old primer potion…