Plans, Plans, Plans….or rather not. A little life and baby update!

They say even the best laid plans of mice and men can often go awry, and in this case I am the man and Baby Candy is the mice. I mean, mouse. 

Here was my amazing mind map I did on Sunday night detailing how I would spend my leave:

Maternity Leave

Program is: Simple Minds on iPhone and for Desktop. I really like it!

Yesterday, on the first day of my maternity leave and what I thought would be 4-6 weeks of over eating and complaining about daytime TV I went for a routine check up which ended up in a visit to the ultrasound department at hospital 1, then a transfer via ambulance (how jerky?!) to a bigger hospital 2, where they basically confirmed that Baby C has not been growing as one should and needs to be ejected!

It was not the plan – in fact I have been so busy with work and other things this year that I had no hospital bag, no birth plan, and very little has been sorted out.  Mr C is the same as me, we both have limited time in the evenings and weekends to get things done.  How much do I wish I went on leave earlier now?! We only ordered our buggy yesterday! (Birth Plan is out of the window now, I wanted a pool and everything as natural as possible but it’s not going to happen as the baby will need constant monitoring – safety first). 

At 36 weeks and 4 days (as of Tuesday, today!) we’re not looking at a super premature baby, but certainly (they say) a fairly tidgy one.  Also, I write this whilst I have a few moments at home after begging them to let me come home for the night and pack my FIVE hospital bags (don’t ask, I hate hospitals, I just want everything with me cos I feel like a prisoner!) and also to sort out the kitties, have a good wash and hoover etc.

Cos next time I step into this house, God willing, it will be the three amigos – every step I walk, they’ll be a little potato following me and every decision I make, they’ll be someone else that will always come first. 

Well, until they turn 15 and HATE ME SO MUCH and block me from following them on Twitter. 

Cat baby

Wish me luck! See you on the other side!

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  1. says

    good luck from the depth of my heart, we will all be thinking about you and your baby!! Keep us updated if you can! Lots of love

  2. BeautyDaze says

    Ohhh congratulations my darlling!! I know things aren’t going to plan and are probably a bit scarier amd more stressfull than you’d have hoped for, buy you’re going to be a mama and have a baby Candy!!!! Really hope things go wellfor you all and I cannot wait to hear that here all safe and gorgeous.

    Steph xx

  3. says

    Hugs and best of luck that all goes smoothly, dear <3 Just think you still have your maternity leave to indulge in treats, you'll just have a little buddy by your side 😀

  4. Alexandra says

    Good luck. They kept saying to me my baby was going to be small. So i said how small they said 7llbs.
    Anyway he came out 7 llb 15oz. So they can be wrong. Also when i was born i was 6llbs something.
    Hope its a quick one for you,and before you know it baby candy will be a teenager. My baby will by 18 by the end of the month. He has grown up way too fast.

  5. Shari says

    Here’s wishing you and the kiddo well, hope that everything goes smoothly and that you both are healthy and happy. Can’t wait to hear about it all when you’ve recovered. :)

  6. says

    All the best – I’m sure baby Candy would be gorgeous! I went away on holiday and am catching up with blogs….and poof you are having a baby. It felt just like yesterday when I was reading about your wedding makeup. What a wonderful year for you!!!

  7. says

    My first was born at 37 weeks x x it is scary but she was fine. I think it’s just they start to set the tone fast with how much they are going to stress you x x

    Good luck babe x

  8. Kitty says

    Oh my gosh, good luck!! Can’t wait to hear the new Candy family member is home safe and sound!!

    Kitty x

  9. Jasmine says

    So excited for you! I’m really impressed by how level-headed you are about everything – I’d be going bananas with the surprise prognosis! ‘WHADDYA MEAN IT NEEDS TO BE OUT NOW?’ etc.

    Can’t wait to find out if it’s a little glamour puss or tom kitty!

  10. Michelle J says

    Good luck! Im sure it will all be fine, dont worry too much about it! :-) I was born just shy of the 23 weeks mark and Im 21 now and just fine!

  11. says

    Hun, I’ve just seen this as I’ve been really busy. Lots of Love from me and mine. Ro was tiny when he was born and he’s now over 6ft – everything will be fine i’m sure – stay calm (easy for me to say)
    Sam xxx