Brown My Bits: Lee Stafford Magic Potion Tanning Spritz Review

I was bundled one of these Lee Stafford Fake My Tan Spritzes in a good bag recently. Aside from Xen Tan, I’m not really interested in tanning products, but I was intrigued by this because its a temporary spray on product.

Therefore it works instantly and there’s no stink.

Fake My Tan Lee Stafford.jpg

I got the Magic Potion Tanning Spritz, named Brown My Bits. It comes in Light to Medium and Dark and I got Dark, hurrah!

Few pointers when using this product:

– Shake well before use

– Stand on a towel (if you can) to protect the floor

– Spray an arms length on to dry skin

– Avoid Contact with Clothes (but apparently it doesn’t stain)

Fake my Tan Lee Stafford Dark.jpg

This product was demonstrated to me – its supposed to be very easy to use – you can even spray it on to your face (so I was told) to add some quick glow.

How do I feel about temporary tan products? Well, I think it would be odd to turn up somewhere brown one day then white the next. However, I can see why you may want a quick boost for a party or special event.

Here are my before and afters!
Before, bare arm:

Lee Stafford Fake My Tan Faux Tan .jpg

A spritz – the colour is great. Its brown and not orange and its has quite a lot of pigment:

Lee Stafford Fake My Tan .jpg

Rubbed in:

Lee Stafford Fake My Tan.jpg

Ooh. Well, the colour is great, it smells nice and its easy to rub in – HOWEVER – if you aren’t careful you will have some edges.

You can even it out with more product though. This is with another layer:

Lee Stafford Fake My Tan-1.jpg

I am already quite olive, and the dark spray made me at least 2-3 shades darker instantly.

This spray is sold in Boots and costs £8.99. There is also mousse and lotions but I am quite enamoured with the spray. I would NOT use it randomly on my face, or anywhere without rubbing it in evenly but at least it can be washed off right away. Oh and its a great colour.

Its recommended by me – one of the best temporary fake tans I have tried.

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  1. liloo says

    i love the result, love the colour BUT
    would rather apply a cream rather than spritz it
    and the packaging is super tacky. do not like. shame i usually like hot pint.

  2. Jayde says

    Were those pictures taken near a window? Would you describe the undertone more yellow or pinky in outdoor lighting? I’d been wondering whether or not to grab the dark lotion, but I hadn’t seen any reviews before this one.

    • Row says

      Hi Jayde

      I have a yellow undertone – these were not taken by the window. In me, NC35 skintone it takes me a good few shades darker. On someone pale it would be a significance difference

  3. Rebecca says

    Thanks for the review! I tried this on my arm in work tonight and was VERY pleasantly surprised with the results and the smell. I’m pretty tempted to try it.

    The Lee Stafford Fake Tans go half price in Boots tomorrow 😀 I’ll be purchasing!