Purederm Korean Sheet Masks Review

I am totally, utterly addicted to Sheet Masks at the moment – its just a great way to get a quick boost!

The owner of Spree Addict asked if I wanted to pick a few sheet masks to choose – they sell for about $1.50 each and there’s tons and tons of choice.

I picked Pearl Essence Mask:

Pearl Essence Mask Face treatment.jpg

Rice Flour from Biorga:

Rice Flour Biorga Face Sheet Mask .jpg

And a Ginseng Mask:

Korean Sheet Masks.jpg

My favourite is the Pearl mask so far – its lovely, no allergies to it and it really boosted the amount of hydration I needed in my skin. The Rice flour mask was refreshing and the Ginseng was quite hydrating and made my skin look brighter.

I like! The masks took about 10 days to arrive and they will combine shipping. They sell other goodies from Korea (But I haven’t had a look yet!).

See the range here – its a good way to try unusual brands and different flavours.

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