My Make Up Brush Collection, Freshly Shampooed!

I find washing my make up brushes, extremely, extremely tiresome because I have to many to clean. Nevertheless the other day I positioned myself over the sink and gave my brushes a good old clean.

I have all kinds of brush cleanser but I actually find a good bar of soap (especially when working with this amount of brushes) is just as good as any baby shampoo as long as you rinse it properly.

It also means I can rub the brush against a hard surface and really get the dirt out.

Here they are:

make up brush collection .jpg

I’d say I have over 100 brushes – a mixture of brands but my top 5 make up brushes come from:

1. Nars

Nars Smudge Brush is possibly my favourite eye brush in the whole world. I also love the Japanese Kabuki Artisan Brushes like the Ita and Yachiyo brush.

Love them for: Eye Brushes
Prices: Expensive
Packaging: Black Handle
Moult Factor: Not the eye brushes but the Kabuki brushes moult sometimes, and also a bit after washing. They need delicate care

2. Trish McEvoy

Trish McEvoy’s brushes are underrated in my opinion – some of her brushes are so soft and totally gorgeous. They are expensive though but totally worth it.

I love the Precise Eye Lining Brush (especially for tight lining), the Sheer Blush Brush 2b, Blender Brush 55 and the rounded cheek brush (forget the number).

Love them for: Eye Brushes, Cheek Brushes
Prices: Expensive
Packaging: Clear Handle
Moult Factor:Never noticed any

3. Armani

Giorgio Armani Brushes are gorgeous too – there’s a few of the brushes I really love.

Must haves are the Blender Brush (for foundation) and the Large eye contour brush.

Love them for: Face Brush and Eye Blending Brush
Prices: Expensive
Packaging: Matte Black Handle
Moult Factor:Just a little with the powder brushes

4. MAC

MAC is one of the more affordable brushes and there’s no denying that they have some great staple eye brushes. I think my MAC brushes are starting to die a bit though, after having them for 2 years or so.

I like the tapered eye brushes and blending brush. Hate the foundation brush and the one for cream blushers though. Yak.

Love them for: Eye Brushes
Prices: About 4 lattes
Packaging: Black Handle
Moult Factor:I got some with the bigger powder brushes but its not bad at all

5. Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura makes so many lovely brushes – they always win awards for them!

I rate their face brushes and Kolinsky eye brushes the most – not that keen on the lip brushes though.

I have three Kolinsky eye brushes 10F (flat for lining at the root) brush 15 for eyeshadow (I think the most expensive brush I own at £120) and the 4r which is good for lining with shadow.

Love them for: Luxurious kolinsky brushes
Prices: Expensive
Packaging: Black Handle
Moult Factor:Not the eye brushes, the powder brushes moult a little.

Sorry, all of the brands named above are fairly pricey BUT it is so worth paying more and collecting brushes a bit at a time because some of my brushes are 7 years old and are still in great condition.

Other brushes I rate include Louise Young , Essence of Beauty, Purple Dot.

So thats me and my lovely brushes! What about you? I’d love to know what you favourite make up brushes are and what ranges you rate.

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  1. says

    Holy shit. That’s some collection. I have about 40-50 I think, and find I use my Smashbox, Stila and Bobbi Brown ones the most.

  2. says

    Oh my god…. I have never seen so many brushes in all my life!!! WOW!!! That is just amazing!

    How the hell do you store them all though and find your best ones? haha.


  3. Grace says

    WOW!!! thats an amazing collection you have there! what brushes from e.l.f would you rate?

  4. Samantha says

    That’s amazing! I almost bought a Shu Uemera brush until I saw it would set me back $270! Those are amazing brushes, but I stick to my Bobbi Brown ones.

  5. says

    Came across your website from London Makeup Girl. Damn, that is an impressive array of brushes. I can’t get my head around using animal hair brushes though, especially squirrel. Maybe they are better, but I prefer Taklon.

  6. says

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  8. nouna says

    do you know that the Shu Uemura 15 is 270€ in France? That’s crazy expensive.
    I was able to buy one cheaper in the US but I had to pay customs charges and finally with ou without customs charges, it would be cheaper to buy it in UK but I didn’t know where to buy it and how much it was.
    It’s weird, I am very sensitive and it is not soft enough for my skin!!
    But the 11 is great!