RMK Foundation Brush Review featuring Creamy and Liquid Foundations!


RMK’s recent addition to their brush line is the Foundation Brush. This almost stubby goat hair brush not dissimilar to Shu Uemura’s no 18 Foundation Brush. They say: This Foundation Brush is crafted carefully with best blend of natural hairs, calculated lengths volume texture and shaped tip to bring the best results of our foundation in just one stroke. It delivers your foundation on the skin even at angles and on detailed areas for the […]

Melliesh Limited Edition Retractable Powder Brush Review


One of Melliesh’s brand new items is this retractable Powder Brush! I love anything that I can take out and about with me. The Melliesh brand comes in cute packaging: This brush works for powder and blush and can you can get a different bristle depending on how far you retract the brush: Obviously you can do this with any retractable face brush! But the flat shape makes it quite versatile for contouring and under […]

Goody Ouchless Smooth Brush & Separate and Straighten Iron Brush Review


I was sent a number of hair brushes from Goody to try months ago and they were all good quality brushes but two deserve a special mention. One is now the only hairbrush that I use every day, and I nearly cried when I thought I left it on the tram. The brush of my affection is the Goody Ouchless Smooth Brush! This is the Handbag size (I don’t have the full size) and it […]

Japanese Crafted Make Up Brushes: Tesshyu Collection Double Ended Make Up Brushes Review


Every now and then, I buy something that becomes my pride and joy. Previous pride-and-joyers include: 1) My first Mulberry Bayswater Bag 2) My Gameboy 3) My Macbook 4) A first edition version of The Usborne Detective Guides! And now…these beauties! Tesshyu Collection brushes are by Mr Tesshu Takemori who is a brush artisan. He personally chooses the materials to make his brushes which (the website says!) are crafted by his hand with care. Oh […]

My new make up brush love: Trish McEvoy Mistake Proof Sheer Application Brush & Facial!


I went for a facial at the Trish McEvoy counter near me a week or so ago. (In case you don’t know, a lot of brands in department stores like Harvey Nichols and Selfridges will have a beauty room that some brands book the space and use to give their clients facials using their products.) Usually there is a charge for the treatment and this is redeemable on a purchase. I’ve these kinds of facials […]

Hauled it: Napoleon Perdis & Laura Mercier Make Up Brushes Review


This post should actually be called, “damn you eBay” followed by “damn you hazy shopping” because god knows I don’t need any more make up brushes but I can’t resist the ‘Bay. And yet….they still treat me like crap. Don’t you hate generic eBay answers to questions that tell you nothing at all? They should be sending me Birthday cards and giving me a direct line to their help desk where someone called Moss solves […]

They’re here! Max Factor Launches New Make Up Brushes, I Review!


Max Factor have finally launched a range of make up brushes and beauty accessories in Boots (lash curlers, tweezers etc.) The range is developed by Max Factor make up artist Caroline Barnes (I used to love her looks! She does Kylie’s make up). The brush range uses soft capra (a type of goat) hair and consists of: 1. Foundation Brush £10 2. Blusher Brush £11 3. Powder Brush £14 4. Eyeshadow Brush £6 5. Eye […]

Monday Giveaway: Goody Hair Brushes For The Win!


Morning my lovelies – are you ready for an exciting week? I have no internet (don’t ask) because of male stupidity, so I am blogging across the road, drinking overpriced tea in order to use their rubbish wi-fi connection. Today’s prize is a selection of brushes and goodies from the aptly named, Goody Hair. I have been dying to try their things for a while but their stuff was based in the US. Well now […]

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