They’re here! Max Factor Launches New Make Up Brushes, I Review!

Max Factor have finally launched a range of make up brushes and beauty accessories in Boots (lash curlers, tweezers etc.)

The range is developed by Max Factor make up artist Caroline Barnes (I used to love her looks! She does Kylie’s make up).

The brush range uses soft capra (a type of goat) hair and consists of:

1. Foundation Brush £10
2. Blusher Brush £11
3. Powder Brush £14
4. Eyeshadow Brush £6
5. Eye Definer Brush £6
6. Lip Brush £6
7. Eyelash Curler £8.50
8. Brow Groomer £5
9. Tweezers £8.50
10. Nail Clippers £6
11. Crystal Nail File £8.50

The whole range comes well presented in boxes:


I have a pretty big Brush Collection already so I am a little bit hard to please when it comes to make up brushes. Trish McEvoy Brushes – OOH! Shu Uemura Brushes – AAH!

My initial reaction is that the Max Factor make up brushes are good. Certainly for the price, you get a set of useful, well made brushes that are soft, and didn’t moult on me at all. I remember buying my first ever brushes (from The Body Shop, Boots and even Tesco!) and they moulted like you wouldn’t believe.

Here are 3 of the brushes –


I do like a wide fluffy eye brush – there’s nothing like this in the range, nor is there a blending brush, but I reckon this is just the beginning of the range…The lip brush comes with a cap so you can carry it in your handbag. I am also a fan of the angle brush, I have been wetting it and using it with eyeshadow for a soft, blurry line rather than a hard edged one.

The bristles are good quality and soft – no moulting at all for me. They’re not as soft as some of my other brushes but they cos 4x times more:


I also got the large powder brush – at first I didn’t think this felt as soft as I’d like. It is also a very, very full fluffy brush and I usually use something smaller so I don’t end up with a cloud of powder everywhere:


However, I’ve decided I do like this because I don’t think I have another powder brush which is quite so full. The benefit of this is that I end up with a very very airy light coverage over my face – good because I hate the crusty look.

Can’t use this for blusher (I do multi use products sometimes!) because it’s so wide but that’s ok:



Max Factor seems to have stuck to basics with their first brush and accessories range, choosing brushes that people who are building a starter kit will find really useful and keeping the packaging simple.

The brushes are good quality, no moulting, but not as soft as the high end brushes – but still does the job.

I think anyone who wants some cheaper brushes to use day to day, or who is building their kit, or a student, someone getting their first brush kit will appreciate this range.

Peruse the range here!

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