Coffret D’or Lip Base Essence

One of my mother’s nicknames for me is ‘pouty lips’ because they are quite full and I sulk a lot.

I never though of this as an asset until everyone starting pumping up their lips left, right and centre. Most of the pumpee’s I’ve seen look very duck like. I concur that god gave you what he gave you for a reason.

Anyway, as full as my lips may be, they are terribly dry most of the time. I’ve tried a few lip primers in my time – waste of time, but was intrigued enough to waste some more money of this Coffret D’or Lip Base Essence:


The exchange rate is SO bad at the moment.


Coffret D’or isn’t really ding it for me. They have some nice things but its not a brand I run to.

They say;

Treatment Lip Base prevents dry and rough lips, and adds a long-lasting gloss that seems to come from deep within the lips.

Adds a subtle pink hue to lips and improves lipstick adhesion and color lasting properties.
Can be used as a base under lipstick or as a gloss over lipstick.


It feels to me like a clear, pink gloss. Soft, shiny, fairly light. Still though it is glossy and it doesn’t sink in that quickly. In an ideal world, I want a lip base thats moisturizing and helps lip colour last.

This feels glossy. It will not make your lipstick stick for longer (it didn’t with mine) and it sheered the colour out.

Under another gloss it just adds…more gloss.


It’s not a bad product and my lips did feel soft afterwards. I’m just not buying it as a real lip base, more of a lip gloss with treatment properties?

Verdict: If this was pasta it would be penne with plain tomato sauce.

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  1. says

    hi Rowena! I was looking at this as well. Just wonder what do you recommend for a lip thingy (gloss or balm or primer) with UV/SPF?

    • Row says

      Hi Eve

      How about labello? Do you like their lip balms? I bought some from eBay and they have one that is SPF 25 and one that is SPF 30 both soft and very nice, and cheap.

  2. Laura says


    I am currently using Coffret D’or’s Lip Base Essence too. I find that if I just apply it like a normal gloss, it will just sit on my lips like a normal lip gloss. However, if I rub my lips together and smear it into my lips, it will get absorbed and my dry lips (due to the harsh air in the office) become soft and smooth. My SA says it can also be applied during bedtime (but I wonder if anyone will be keen to leave marks on pillowcases). You will be able to tell that it has been absorbed by the lips if you apply a thin layer. It is currently retailing at SGD$30 (about USD$20). My only complaint about the product is that the tube is very full of product and the essence seems to squirt out of the tube by itself. I managed to get around the problem by squeezing out some essence so that it is not as full and will not spill.