Make Up Brushes dirty? Try an Colourfull Arts Brush Cleaner and Preserver!

I hate cleaning my make up brushes. I have a ton of them and I normally wait till they are encrusted with blue sparkly dust before giving them a good clean. I use random things to clean my brushes including:

1. Baby shampoo (good for a deep cleanse, takes ages to dry)

2. Isopropyl Alcohol (kills germs, dries really quickly, good for quick changes but can be drying long term)

3. Branded cleansers like Clinique, MAC, Shu Uemura, Bare Escentuals etc.

Then I found this is my local arts store – Colourfull Arts Brush Cleanser & Preserver:


They say: This 30gm tub is a versatile product with its three fold function it removes oil, acrylics watercolours and varnishes from your brushes in one easy step. Consistent performance is maintained by regular use as a preserver to keep your brushes in good as new condition. You can also restore old dried brushes and save them from being thrown away by using the Colourfull Arts Brush Cleaner and Preserver to soften and remove old paint, reconditioning your brushes for further use.


To use, I just add a bit of water, and swirl the brush around in the tub – a cloud of foam appears, along with all the dirt, I rinse off and its done! The soap has a slightly herbal lemony smell, which is fine, and the texture is quite waxy, but firm. I love how it foams up immediately and takes away all the traces of make up with it.

Since its made for paint, its good with my lip brushes and foundation brushes, that tend to be harder to clean.

I also found that its quite economical. I always leave my brushes so I can clean them all in one big batch, and I only lost about 0.5 cms in the depth (I estimate!). Most of all its easy – I don’t have to swirl it in the palm of my hand or have my hand under running water for each brush (dries them out!) and I don’t have to spend ages wiping the brush on tissue paper to get the colour out.

I paid about £3.50 for this from here but you can find it at various art stores.

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