Got Dry Patches? Kanebo Coffret D’or Moist F Coat Base Primer Review

A few months ago I bought the Coffret D’or Moist F Coat Base primer and Silk Cream Foundation (review later today!).

I thought the idea behind the Coffret D’or Moist F Coat was very clever and appropriate for the winter season – it’s a pearly pink type cream in a small pot which is used as a primer, but for dry spots.

On top of that, this product can be used as other things – a highlighter for example and a….ok, I’m out of suggestions.


For the record, my face has been covered in dry spots this winter – it’s been so harsh. On the top of my cheeks especially, I’ve had impossible to move flakes (well, not without being extremely rough anyway) so I had to do the best I could with it.

It meant that certain bases looked horrible, and some powders clung badly to patches of my face.

They say:

This adheres tightly to the corners of eyes, lips and other areas of dryness. This gel-type corrector keeps skin hydrated, covering up fine wrinkles and preventing makeup smudges for hours.

The packaging is lovely…#alttext#

Very princessy, and nicer than the foundation which comes in a plastic tub (this comes in a glass jar). Even though the jar isn’t massive you get plenty of product and you only need a tiny dab.

See the shade of the product? It’s like a soft pink peach with a tiny hint of pearl, tiny tiny hint.


The texture is interesting…it reminds of a thick Benefit High Beam and a bit like a face cream although I wouldn’t use this all over – it leaves too much of a highlighting effect. I did actually wonder why they’d make it in this shade – what if it draws attention to the dry patches?

Well luckily it doesn’t! It blends in and there’s a bit of a glow but it doesn’t stick to any flaky bits:


I have been using this a lot on my cheeks and I do think it’s a useful and cool product- you could hydrate more but the extra moisturiser tends to make make up slide off, this doesn’t.

See there’s a slightly pearly whitish effect?



All in all, I paid about $20 for this and it was worth it. It can use it on my dry patches and also as a highlighter and it works nicely as both – also I can’t think of anything else I have which specifically primes dry parts of my face!


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  1. Jen says

    Oooh looks good…the winter’s also been harsh to my skin so I have dry patches on my cheeks, this sounds like it would do the trick! Where did you buy it from?

  2. eRiN says

    Wow, sounds great! My skin’s been freaking out lately since I switched to mineral foundation – I need a stronger moisturizer, but in the meantime something like this would be great, I just didn’t know which ones worked.