Like Blemish Balms? Try Skin79 BB Perfect Cover Concealer Palette!

Man, I hate eBay. I can now make a purchase in about 18 seconds flat, and suddenly all this stuff lands on my doormat and I’m like, “Woah. How did this get here?”. Ahem.

Skin79 is a Korean brand that primarily makes BB creams (Blemish Balms – basically an all in one product, foundation, sunscreen, concealer, moisturiser – they aren’t just supposed to be cosmetic, they are supposed to improve your skin condition too.)

I have bought their BB cream before but it’s too light for me (I think a lot of them aren’t just pale, but have a ashy-grey cast). However I spotted their concealer and powder!


The packaging is lovely. It’s a study metal case with a shiny pink surface (argh fingerprints) – but it’s a really nicely made product with a good amount of concealer:


This concealer palette comes in one colour choice only, and you get two shades, a light and dark in the palette. When I say dark….

…it isn’t really very dark. I am guessing around a NC20? The other side is very light indeed, almost too much so even for my under eye circles…


It looks darker in the photograph than it actually is when applied!

The texture I like – it is opaque yet very emollient – easy to blend in and quite hydrating (read: not crusty). Nevertheless I would say it is a tad too thick for under the eye.

On the left is the lighter shade which is a whitish pale colour and on the right is the darker shade for the face. They are both a bit too light for my tastes.


My other huge issue with this palette, despite the thin yet opaque texture, is the fact that the lighter and darker shades are SO similar.

On some parts of my face they are almost interchangeable. This is pants! Because one is too light for my under eye circles, one is too light for my face. I can’t mix them because they are so similar, it’s pointless.

On my circles – a few dabs is ALL you need:


Hmm. As I mentioned, it’s too light for my tastes, it’s a bit too thick for the under eye. For that reason I don’t find this palette as multi use as it COULD be.



– Nice emollient texture
– Nice packaging
– Good coverage


– Both colours too pale for medium skintones
– Packaging is pretty but gets marks easily
– A little to cakey for the eye area

I paid about £13 for this including shipping on eBay. I would say this would work for you only if you are in the fair skin category!

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  1. says

    i never know before skin 79 hv concelar pallet hehe
    thanks for sharing, too bad this is to light for ur under eyes..

    • Row says

      Hi Ipeh

      I think the concealer palette is too light overal, they shouldve put a darker shade in with it. You have to be very fair to wear this x

  2. Kristin says

    LOL I am totally guilty of ordering stuff on eBay and then wondering what’s inside the packets that arrive in my mailbox! “What’s in this envelope?? I bought this…?”

    • Row says

      Hey Kristin

      I do this ALL THE TIME. I tend to forget esp if its something I bought in passing not something I am excited about!