Friend Review: Biore Shine Control Oil Free Moisturiser with Pore Smart Technology

Today I have a reader review for you!

Helen, aged 26 used Biore Shine Control Oil Free Moisturiser for 5 weeks for me:


Had you heard of the brand or product before hand?

I have heard of Biore but not for creams.

Describe the product – how did it smell, what were the textures like, was it easy to apply, was it a strange colour etc.

The product was nice and easy to apply as the moisturiser wasn’t heavy and soaked in to my skin quickly. It’s a white creamy lotion, not runny and one full pump spread easily over my entire face. I found I could apply makeup easily after using it.

Did you find the product easy to use (were the instructions clear, any difficulties at all with using the product?)

Simple and easy to use, just apply to skin and use as often as needed, as it says on the product.


What did you think of the packaging?

Quite plain packaging nothing too fancy, the main product which is a plastic bottle comes in a cardboard box which you discard, the bottle had an easy with white “pump” top that you twist one way to “open” and twist back the other way to “close.

What does this product promise to do?

Shine control moisturiser which balances and controls shine, an oil free product

How well did the product work on your skin?

Goes on smooth, feels light and doesn’t make my skin break out or clog my pores. The product didnt control shine for too long as I had to keep re-applying throughout the day to help control my oily skin. It did make my skin feel soft after use and it had a fresh smell.


Finally, would you buy this product?

Yes I would although it didn’t completely help with shine it was a nice and simple product to use which left my skin feeling soft and moisturised.

I have noticed that this product works better than the more expensive moisturisers i have tried and as many have caused my skin to break out or didn’t soak in to my skin quickly leaving it feeling greasier.

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