Turn any eyeshadow into liner! Pop Beauty Golden Sparkle Sauce Liner Creator Review

There are loads of products on the market now that promise to turn your eyeshadow into an eyeliner, like Frontcover’s Shadowline and Mac Mixing Medium.

I am all for it – I have so many eyeshadows that it opens up all kinds of opportunities!

Now, POP Sparkle Sauce – the name itself make it appealing!


This is actually a multi use product. You can use it as an eyeshadow sealer (it will make it water resisitant) or as a gold highlighter or as an eyeliner creater!

You can wear it alone on your eyes or drop it directly into a shadow or as a primer.

Sparkle sauce is a sheer gold with glittery bits in it. You get a decent amount inside so it can be used as a highlighter and it’s a very thin, watery texture – means a little goes very far.


At first it was tricky getting the hang of it! Because it’s so watery you have to careful if you drip it directly on to your brush or your hand…I used this for a multitude of things and it’s pretty cute and handy.

I mixed with powder shadow – worked quite well but it is very liquid so you just need a tiny tiny bit otherwise the result is too watery:


It lasts pretty well. I actually prefer to mix it with some powder and get that sort of slightly glossy eye look that lasts quite well, certainly better than using actual gloss on top of the powder.

As a highlighter it’s also nice but remember there are visible chunk of glitter so use sparingly.

All in all a fun product to use – it won’t replace my day to day eye primer but it’s good fun.

Buy it here for £6.

Would you try Sparkle Sauce?

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