Review: Lulu Timebomb Eye R & R Make Up remover

lulu time bomb eye make up remover.jpg

I wear some pretty long lasting, tough to boot mascara which can be an utter nightmare to get off. I have a few eye make up remover loves, like Kose Softymo and Boots Botanics but I got another to try – Lulu’s Time Bomb Eye Make Up Remover.

This is a Duo Phase eye make up remover, which requires shaking before use.

Click to see the gunk!

I smeared my hand with random bits of liner, mascara and shadow:

eye make up remover.jpg

Wet a cotton pad then did one swipe:

lulu eye make up remover.jpg

Not bad right? This make up remover is pretty good at getting rid of eye make up. It is an oil based remover which is what you should use if you wear waterproof mascara like me. Non oil based make up remover is not going to remove waterproof mascara.

If you wear a small amount of eye make up you may find this remover a little greasy for your liking. As with some oil based removers (as with say Lancome Bi Facial) it can leave a bit of a slick around your eyes, so you may want to use this before cleansing.

The other thing with oil based removers is that when they get in your eye, everything looks fuzzy for a while – sometimes this this a bonus, sometimes not.

eye make up remover-1.jpg

Overall, this eye make up remover suits me well cos I wear hard to shift mascaras that need to be oil based and as you can see from above, its pretty damn effective.

You can buy it here from QVC.

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  1. louise says

    hi row me again, you ever used anything else from this range? i hear its good, but how good is what i want to know?
    luv lou x

  2. claire says

    hi lou,
    I have just received this, after watching lulu on qvc, she looked absolutely amazing, so I thought with the home approval at qvc, I have nothing too lose.

    The results on first use is visible, it made my skin feel really soft and also it soften fine lines. I myself in the late 30s but have fairly good skin anyway.
    The smell of the Glory Days, this is the day cream smelt awful, well I didnt take to it, reminded me smell of nappies that have been worn for few hours on a baby!!! ie not pleasant, but have read reviews on qvc that some do love the smell, anyway each to their own.

    However, I was not impressed with the night cream – flash something – but that on after using Liz Earle’s cleanse and polish, expecting to wake up with amazing skin but looked like the few faint fine lines on my forehead had worsen.

    Overall, I would suggest give it a try, use qvc, that way you have reassurance that if you dont like it you will get a full refund.

    I went for the try me offer, received : 1x glory days, 1x flash and 1 x juicy oil
    these are good sizes and you have 2 top selling products in the range
    Hope that was some help
    Good Luck