Review: Kate Logan Aroma Balm in Daring

I discovered a super pretty and organic range called Kate Logan a while ago and got a few things to try out. One of the items was the Aroma Balm

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Aroma Balms incorporate the power of aromatherapy into a scented balm you can apply to the pulse point etc. I am all for natural scents and anything that is portable so I picked one – Daring – there are other scents including; Awaken, Blissful, Clarity, Elation and Serenity. Torn between Clarity and Daring, but I figured for what I have ahead, I need balls of steel!….
The site says that Daring is for you if:

[You need]…encouraging – this little balm is perfect for those times when you’re feeling a bit down and your self esteem needs a little bit of love and a great big hug! Give your tired soul a little respite with this wonderfully spicy blend. Essential oils of Cinnamon Leaf and Pine Needle are both treasured for their stimulating and restorative effect. Add to that powerful little duo, a drop or two of comforting Palmarosa and you have a deliciously lush blend that will give you a dash of daring and a shot of boldness!

How Do I Use Aroma Balms?

Exquisitely effortless to use, yet wondrously soothing. Aroma Balms can be used in a variety of ways.

* Apply your chosen Aroma Balm as you would a perfume, as the balm warms to your skin you will be enveloped by the comforting, calming fragrance.

* Apply your chosen Aroma Balm to the nape of your neck and temples. As you gently massage the balm into your skin you will be revived and restored. Perfect to battle any challenging, stress filled day.

* Take a few minutes from your busy day to cosset your weary spirit by indulging in the Aroma Balm Scent Ritual.

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The first ever scent based therapy cream/balm I bought was Origins Peace of Mind, the super minty one that made my eyes water. Daring however, is far softer and has a pleasant, warm scent due to the cinnamon.

Did it make me more daring? Maybe. It made me feel a bit better, perhaps through association and was nicer than spritzing myself with perfume halfway through the day and smelling like a flower knicker draw.

aroma balm scent kate logan.jpg

Aroma Balms are £7.99 each for 15ml (will last a while as they are solid). View them here.

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