Review: Nude Skincare Deep Cleansing Mask

I ran out of my beloved Nars Mud mask a while ago and haven’t had a chance to pick it up so I decided to try something different.

I tend to prefer:

1. Creamy masks as opposed to sheet masks or gel/peel off ones.
2. Ones that dry rather than stay wet on the skin
3. Deep cleansers as opposed to hydrating masks

I also have highly, highly sensitive skin and if it doesn’t like what I put on it, it goes totally Naomi on me.

Nude Skincare is a new brand to me, but there’s something about the light purple tub I like. Nude is supposed to be free of nasty chemicals and additives, using prebiotics and…things like that.

nude deep cleansing mask.jpg

Friday evening is face mask night for me…

This isn’t a mud mask but it reminds me of one because of its creamy texture.

They Say: This purifying, French kaolin clay mousse absorbs excess oils and exfoliates. With naturally active propolis and organic buriti, this effective treatment reveals beautifully clear and silky skin.

With kaolin clay, propolis and organic buriti this delicate, purifying mousse absorbs excess oils and exfoliates to reveal beautifully clear and silky skin.

Apply to clean face. After 10 minutes, remove by massaging with warm water. Use twice weekly.

For oily and congested skins.

nude mud mask.jpg

In the formula is also some tiny grains which work as a scrub when you clean it off. It dries but not into a crackly mask that you can scare kids with. Also I don’t think there is a scent.

clay mask nude.jpg

It applies nicely, feels nourishing despite being a cleansing mask. I love Nars Mud Mask but it is quite an extreme cleanse and can leave me a tiny bit dry. This one doesn’t its cleansing yet nourishing too.

Additionally – its probable the most gentle deep cleansing face mask I have ever tried. I do get the mildest of tingling with all face masks, but not with this one – not an itch or red patch in sight, making it (I think) highly suitable for sensitive skins.

nude cleansing mask.jpg

Afterwards, my skin felt quite moisturized and soft, glowy but also quite fresh.

I’d say this would work for all kinds of skin types, even sensitive and dry.

It cost £27.50 for 75ml from here – I like! Going to try something else from the range, methinks!

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