Deep Cleansing Facial Cloth: Poreclens Mitt by Loren Clarke Review

To get really clean feeling skin I used a face flannel or hot towel during cleansing. I have a Clarisonic which is ok but irritates the most sensitive spots on my face and encourages redness with overuse.

I’m not a big fan of using Muslin Cloths (someone I knew kept calling them ‘Muslim Cloths’, I didn’t know if I should correct her or not!) because they feel a little thin to me, end up dirty and shrivelled up on my bathroom sink.

So I was pleased to try out this Poreclens Mitt by Loren Clarke.


This is basically made of Microfibre and apparently is good at deep cleansing the skin. To use, you wet the Mitt in warm water, and wipe away the residue. I think you can use this alone but I always used it with a bit of cleansing cream.

This is indeed a very nice cleanser – it’s thick and soft, and really gets the dirt off. Quite handy, especially when you don’t have long but like to have really clean feeling skin…


And unlike with the Clarisonic, you can control the pressure you want to use on your face. This Mitt needs to be maintained by washing it with hand soap and once a week in a 40 degree white wash. I have to say, one thing I dislike about all these cleanser type products is how they’re always start white – they get dirty quickly with foundation, mascara, lipstick – URGH.


I admit I haven’t been using this religiously – mainly because it gets very dirty after one use because of the make up I wear, and then I don’t feel like washing it or using it again the next day! If you are ok with the upkeep of the Mitt then I think it’s a rather good buy for super clean skin.

Buy it here for £9.99.

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