Have you tried this before? The Orgasmatron Head Massager!

I have seen these around for ages but I finally bought one from a discount store for £1.99!

The Orgasmatron is a head massager, like a clam type contraption that looks like an instrument of torture:


I tried this out – what a weird sensation!

I felt my entire head tingle – urgh – like getting chills down my spine but I sort of liked it! I used it on Mr C and he collapsed into a heap on the floor begging me to stop – I guess that’s his weak spot!

So I had to find someone to do a demo:


For some reason, cats don’t like Orgasmatrons. Is it because it messes up her fur….I guess you don’t want me to try it on you:



I thought this was a rather amusing purchase anyway. Have you ever tried this? Ever tried it on a Cat?

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  1. Vicky says

    I have tried it but never for a long period of time, just in the store. It looks like it would feel really good though. The reason i never bought one is because no one would be willing to use it on me, i would be the one handling it all the time!
    And it’s crazy how much your cat looks like my baby girl, except that mine has some orange spots.

  2. Sita says

    I bought one for my Dad and one for my Boyfriend, as both love scratchy cuddles. My mum now uses my Dad’s on him in the evening in front of the TV and my boyfriend and I use his for a relaxing massage if one of us has a headache in front of the computer or to end a full body massage. The sensation at first is quite delicious, then just like anything you kind of get used to it, but it’s still pretty relaxing =)