Do you care about Zhang Ziyi’s butt?

I really don’t. Well maybe a little. Anyway, I found it mildly interesting, in the way I find laminate flooring fascinating.

But anyway, apparently pictures of Ziyi on the beach with her uber rich and rather powerful sugardaddy (yah, yah I know she has money. But she ain’t got his money or his connections –

ziyi_zhang_Cannes_9.jpg (JPEG Image, 400x588 pixels).jpg

Would you date him? By date, you have to do all the other stuff that non-Christian couples do with each other too, if you know what I mean – no getting out of it! I would vote no because he reminds me of a creepy hairdresser that asked me out on a date when I was only 15! 15! Are there no boundaries?!

So anyway I digress.

Zhang has been photographed on a “private” beach doing some frolicking with Vivo, her fiance:

X17 Galleries - Zhang Ziyi And Her Boyfriend Get Handsy!.jpg

Apparently some people or the press at least, are a bit narked at little Ziyi, because this (Jo Frost supernanny voice) “behaviour” is not really acceptable coming from a Chinese girl.

What do you think? She didn’t do anything wrong of course, just a bit of nipple and ass (although boyfriends hand down her pants is a little bit yukky). But should some girls know better? As an Asian woman I do feel the pressure to be “good” (when people are looking that is), and I personally wouldn’t frolic like Zhang on a beach, if I were famous, and if I knew people were looking because as my Nan says, “You are never too old to be hit with a feather duster.”

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  1. says

    Not for all the tea in China would I touch that man. 29 years old, my ass; she looks like she’s 12! What is he thinking?

    If it were Gong Li, this might actually be hot, but since it’s that walking mannequin Zhang Ziyi, I’ll pass.

    And forget about the hand, no good Asian girl would lay out in the sun like that without a slathering of SPF 60! Disgraceful!

  2. shiya says

    Whats wrong with doing this with her fiance?
    I mean, it’s perfectly sweet if my dad does that to my mom..haha

  3. says

    Love is not blind, but money can make anyone look beautiful -Mandy’s personal motto.

    That’s the only way I can explain this one.

    Do you get the feeling that (one day) this guy’s going to be caught in a sex scandal involving children and/or underage prostitutes?

    • Row says

      Hey Pandy

      Oh yeah, check out all the ugly people with stunning spouses (men and women). It’s so true, true true

  4. Anonymous says

    As a Chinese native who picks up street English, (in other words, no proper education in Western or English culture and language), she is a bit too much..I still prefer a girl who appears to be shyish, well, not my cup of tea, well, even if i had millions of dollars, i would still prefer someone more traditional..