Review: Quash Moisturising Hand Sanitiser with Kimchi!

I was sent a bottle of this Quash Moisturising Hand Sanitiser to try out a few weeks ago. Incase I didn’t tell you, I am pathetically addicted to Hand Santisers or Antibacterial Hand Gels.

Love. Them.

When the swine flu “thing” was all the rage, they handed out Cussons Hand Gel out at work, and I was first in the queue. I have random bottles of this stuff in all my handbags, on my desk at work. I also use it for cleaning things – my keyboard, my phone (the alcohol content means it evaporates quickly and leaves a streak free finish). But I digress.

Here it is!

Quash Hand sanitizer.jpg

Quash is differerent to your usual Antibacterial Hand Gel because it contains no alcohol!

Although I love using Antibac to clean my phone, the gels do leave my hand feeling quite dry after a few days of intensive use. It also stings the Mr’s dry patches like mad.

An alcohol free antibacterial hand sanitiser is a good idea.

quash hand sanitizer-2.jpg

The ingredients list is indeed, impressively free or parabens and alcohol:

quash hand sanitizer-1.jpg

This is a spray product though, which takes some getting use too but its not the worst thing. I personally prefer the gel form, since the gels tend to evaporate quickly anyway.

Do I want to take out a spray and start spritzing, using it on the bus, or the tram or after I’ve had a meal with new work colleagues? Nope. Cos then I will be revealed as a psychopath. A gel/cream product is more stealthy and I know exactly where I’ve covered.

They say:

Quash kills 99.9% of germs on contact ( including MRSA, E Coli and Salmonella) without the need for soap or water. You will not find any alcohol or nasty chemicals in the bottle.


It contains:

Manuka Honey, a medical grade honey indigenous to New Zealand with extremely powerful natural anti-bacterial properties, currently being used within the NHS.
Radish Root Ferment, also known as Kimchi, was first discovered along the Korean Peninsulau.
White Willow Bark.
Aloe Vera to nourish and moisturise skin.
Zinc minerals to protect.
Liquid Vitamin C which helps reduce the formation of free radicals and stimulate collagen synthesis, protecting the skin from accelerated ageing and roughness.


I do like this a lot – mainly because there is no doubting that it is far more moisturising to the skin that normal anti bacterial gels. This is the one I will use daily without feel bad for my hands.

It also comes in in 2 hand sizes, 15ml and 50ml at around £1.99 and £3.49 from Tesco, Holland & Barretts and also online at Pharmacy2u and on their official site.

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  1. says

    well, you can already guess that i’ll be ordering this. and add to kimchi, the manuka honey? well, yup. i’ll be enjoying this soon. thank you!!!