Video 3: More rambling and messing up my make up even more

This is another video I made, full of pointless rambling.

Note: I really am just practising here. Better, polished videos will be up as we get used to the camera, the sound and editing.

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I was trying to get stuff from a small box to a big box but once I did that I realised I wanted to get the stuff from my various bags into once case, and once I filled the case I realised I still had about 4 big make up bags left. D’oh!

Anyway, something for you to watch whilst you’re on the loo.


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  1. Jules says

    Good Heavens! I hope you’ve got insurance, that little lot must be worth an absolute fortune! Those boxes look like they might be fireproof so that’s a good move 😉

  2. jaffra says

    I love that you have so much foundation, just like me! I think base products are my favourite makeup in general, even though my skin’s in pretty good shape on its own…

    Any chance you could do an updated ‘top 5 foundations’ post? Top 5 everything would be awesome actually since you’ve had the chance to use so many products.

    (BTW have you tried the Paul & Joe foundations? I love love love them, managed to get the Protective Fluid one for half price from Zuneta!)

  3. Strawberry says

    Oh wow. I like your makeup boxes! I should invest in one.

    I love the kitty, too~ So cuuuute!

  4. louise says

    wow row i thought i had a problem with buying make up! but looks like yours is worse! lol! those make cases look fab were did you get the bigger and smaller one from? i need some thing just like that! oh and the lash case , what a fab idea, i need one of them too,lol! if im not spending money on makeup im spending money on storing it!
    have you been in yet to check out the new l.edtion multi tints? they a sheer wash of colour that last all day, pretty kwl for summer hols, pop over and ill show you!
    luv louise xoxo

    • Row says

      Hi Lou!

      I got those from eBay my love and the smaller one is from

      I haven’t tried the tints but I am dying too, will come and see you on lunch? x