ELF Studio Cream Eyeliners: New Colours Gunmetal, Metallic Olive, Plum Purple and Copper Swatches

ELF has released four new shades in their rather nice Cream Eyeliners; Gunmetal, Metallic Olive, Plum Purple and Copper Swatches.

I love gel eyeliners the most and these elf cream eyeliners (texture is firmer than a gel) are pretty good for the price.

These eyeliners are water resistant and also come with a brush.


Because of my weakness for gel liners I end up buying all kinds of strange colours and it’s a waste when all I do is use it a handful of times. Hence I am all for affordable cream eyeliners for guilt free experimentation!


I like the ELF Studio packaging, I seriously think it looks more expensive than it is. It might not be as sturdy as Chanel but it doesn’t look embarrassingly cheap like some brands do…

Here are the four cream eyeliners:


Here are the cream eyeliners – the aren’t as vibrant as I thought they’d be (they looked richer in the packaging!) – they’re more autumn based, dirty shades – dirty plum, dirty copper, dirty green.

The texture is the same as with the original ELF cream eyeliner in black – it’s not the creamiest I have ever used but it’s good.


The level of pigmentation is good but I did layer it – 2 coats to be exact. Same for the eyes – I had to go over to it get a good amount of coverage.



At the end of the day for the price these are pretty decent cream eyeliners but I guess I would’ve loved more vibrancy in the shades.

They’re not quite metallic, they’re not quite shimmer or matte. It’s somewhere inbetween. If you like muted tones with your liners then you will love these colours – they’re elegant and easy to wear.




All in all, these are good cream eyeliners and a great way to play around with colour without spending a fortune. You could buy all 4 of these for £14 which is less than one Bobbi Brown Gel Liner so it’s pretty amazing.

I would love it if ELF did some really bright shades in the cream eyeliner. Oh – also it’s really budge proof it took me 2 showers to get those swatches off my hand!

These are £3.50 each from ELF’s website.

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    I own the “old” ones (black,brown and navy blue) and I really like them! I’m waiting for Elf’s big restock in December, so that I can get these along with some other things! :) Thanks for the swatches Rowena! :)