Sexy Haul: Addiction Summer 2010 Le Mepris Teal Eyeliner in Fanfare

Another part of my extremely expensive but gorgeous Addiction Le Mepris collection Haul is this Teal coloured eyeliner called Fanfare.

This cost about £23 which I think is pretty expensive for one eyeliner:


This is a twist up eyeliner in a deep teal. I have a real addiction (ba-dum-chee) to eyeliners, liquid or pencil, but I couldn’t decide if I had made a mistake or not.

On the model, this teal is pure gorgeousness – but the model has a deeper crease than me, more eye area to work with – I wasn’t sure if this would just look heavy and wrong:


I swatched this and fell in love. Its a really beautiful deep teal:

A perfect mix of deep blue and green.

And the texture – oh my – the texture. Its beautiful.

Its so rich and creamy, that it almost feels like a liquid liner – this eyeliner is very very soft and easy to apply. It works with no problem on my waterline:


Once this eyeliner sets it lasts for a good while – its so intense! There’s no tugging at all on the eyes.

I have been playing with it, here’s an idea of what it looks like when applied:


There is a built in sharpener in the lid of this eyeliner.

I guess whats so nice about this liner is that it needs no warming up at all – it just melts into the ski.


Sorry about the messy application! My eyes went nuts a little after this and watered like mad – not bad considering – its pretty much stayed put.

I think teal this could work on so many skintones:


I am super fussy about my eyeliners because I find the majority will not work on my waterline and needs lots of warming up. Not this one.



I think this product is gorgeous – the colour, the texture, everything.

Having said that, its expensive – even though I am in love with the texture, I wouldn’t spend £23 again on say, a black eyeliner because I know I can get a great one for £10.

I would splash out again on a Addiction eyeliner though, if it was in a unusual colour to warrant the cost.

See Addiction here.

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  1. says

    I am in love with teals, turquoises, and greens – so this is something I would LOVE to own! Too bad it’s so expensive. Gorgeous color!

  2. Shari Reilly says

    That is a gorgeous color on you! Just gorgeous! I’m tempted to go out and buy it myself just to see if it’ll work on me.

    Great job with doing your eyes, btw. :) What shadow(s) are you wearing with the liner?