Kiss Chocolate Eyes Duo

When I was a kid, I had a doll called Chocolotte. Chocolottie was my best friend. I was a stuffed toy kinda gal, not a dolly one, but Chocolottie was so pretty, with her soft curls…her hair smelt of chocolate and she had a little friend called Chocolate Drop who was annoying be he was easy to lose.

Chocolottie Doll 1988.jpg

CHOCOLOTTIE! What happened to you! Did I leave you in C&A? Did my mother put in you in a charity shop donation bag? I’ll never know.

Speaking of chocolate, I bought this Kiss Chocolate eyes duo:


It’s such a DULL combo…you would think. One side is a creamy pink and the other is a rose-chocolate:




It looks dull but its super pretty and ultimately a quick, easy eye to wear. I adore it – when I need to do a quick work eye, I don’t need to worry about where to but this shade and this shade. Just a base, and some brown to line or to take up to the crease:


It’s still on sale on Adambeauty. However, it is LE so once it’s gone, it’s gone!

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