Metallic nails in a jiffy: Blixz stick on gold nails

I envy you girls who can sit there long enough to wait for polish to dry. There is always something else to do in the Candy house hold – tell a cat off (tap the nose), scribble some notes down (shopping lists) cook a cup of tea* (pointing at the kettle, I mean)…my point is I ALWAYS smudge my nails. Always.

*Cannon and Ball joke, I know you don’t cook tea

A seldom get my nails done because from the 10 manicures I’ve had in my lifetime that majority were shiteous – dry, dying cuticles for weeks to come, plus, from the second I stand up, I can wave bye bye to the smooth finish.

Anyway – Blixz Stick on Nails seemed to be the answer!

These strips are like thin stickers that go on your nail:

blixz Nail .jpg

There are all kinds of patterns – this is my choice, a leopard gold print:

Blixz Nails-1.jpg

Here is the guide on how to use:

Blixz Nailfashion.jpg


1. Clean and buff nail

2. Push back the cuticles

3. Apply your sticker (pick one that fits) and press down

4. Trim to fit

5. Fold over the left over over the nail

6. Drape your hands in ribbon

Here is my attempt anyway:

Nail Stickers Blixz.jpg

I had a problem with puckering on the sides – with a bit more care I could probably avoid this but I panicked when I told the sticker off the backing like when you’ve applied the paste a piece of wallpaper and start panicking about where to stick it.

blixz Nail stickers.jpg

Yeah, its OTT but I guess thats the point? Gives you that sort of metallic solid nail effect. Beyonce would wear this and win. Hannah Waterman would wear this and fail.

I kinda like it. I think I’ll use a different design next time and use it for tutorials and also Christmas looks.

What do you think?

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  1. says

    Gah, I hate buffing my nails, that’s what ridge filler is for! I was hoping that I could use these to cover up the fact I don’t buff! But I am interested now! Where are they available (reputably)?