Indian Kohl – Blue Heaven

I was perusing a new make up counter in Boots called PURE – it has some pretty funky looking palettes and glosses, when I noticed this chunky looking pencil:

Pure Kajal Eye Liner.jpg

Info on Kajals:

Kajal is very popular in India – there are different ways of applying it, with a pencil, brush or finger.

* If you use the kajal pencil, go for a reputed brand. Some prefer a thick pencil while some prefer a thin one. Make sure the tip is not broken or blunt. At the same time, it should be smoothly rounded off at the top making it look a bit sharp, but not so much that it pokes you in the eye.
* When going for a liquid one, make sure that the brush or the applicator does not have a distorted tip and is pointed perfectly. The consistency should be just perfect, not too thick and not too thin. Since you will be lining the inner lid of the eye, replace it as soon as it thickens or the brush wears out.
* Some brands of kajal are also available in powder from. Please read the instruction manual carefully before applying it. Check the manufacturing date and then buy a reputed brand.
* Do not buy kajal from roadside vendors who claim to have made them at home and talk of their medicinal properties. Most of them are made under unhygienic conditions and may irritate the eye if applied on a regular basis.
* In case your eye feels dry or starts to water after using kajal even of a reputed brand, discontinue immediately. If the irritation or any redness persists, don’t use kajal inside the eyes and show to a doctor. Use liquid liner on the upper eye lid instead.

Best Kajal Brands in India

Given here are some of the best brands of kajal that are available in India. You can find them at most of the stores that sell cosmetics. Else, you may also go to their exclusive outlets to purchase kajal. These are available in the form of pencil, liquid liner and the ones that can be applied with finger.

* Blue Heaven
* Chanel
* Eyetex
* Lakme
* Lancom
* Lotus
* Maybelline
* Revlon
* Shenaz
* Streetwear


It was around £11. Being poor, I investigated eBay for bargains and found these Indian Kohls:


Blue Heaven seems to be a huge brand over in Indian. What was quite sweet was that I got the kohls in a packet wrapped in white cotton!


One came in a tub, and is used with a brush, the other was a pencil shape. Both were really soft and pigmented – it came of easily on my waterline.

A quick sweep of the colour:

Photo Booth.jpg

They were pretty affordable about £4 with shipping. I liked these kohls in that they are super quick and easy to use – they are pigmented and they come of easily even on my watery eyes. However…these kajals are CREAMY. That means that is you sweat a lot, if you have runny eyes, if you rub them they will smudge. Its easy to wipe away but you have to consider this if you need pristine make up.

I will be giving away 2 Kajak cones in black this Monday! Tune back in then!

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    • Row says

      Hey Chica

      PURE! its not a counter tho, its a stand – the prices are mid £6 – £13 looks cool! x

  1. mandypandy says

    South Asian brand kohls and kajal are notorious for lead contamination, so it’s best to avoid them. I’d stick with the ‘Pure’ branded version. On a site note, I believe Guerlain is about to come out with something very similar to it, which might be worth a look-see.

    • Row says

      Hey Pandy

      Ooh yes I noticed Guerlain had something similar out (Limited Edition – I think)? I did research this particular brand ‘Blue Heaven’ since I have heard so much about lead poisoning, I emailed the seller and they say its one of the biggest companies in India and they use organic charcoal instead of lead. ><

      • kiran says

        charcoal is dangerous for the eyes! I strongly reccomend that you do NOT use this item.

  2. DOLLY says


  3. IndianLady says

    Blue heaven like other few good cosmetics brands in kajals knows wat it is selling. I have been using Blue heaven kajal (d cheapest amongst d lot too) for 6 years now n i can assure you dat it is perfectly safe to use. The price of the one I use roughly translates to 20p when bought here it extremely well pigmented, has good adhesive qualities and yes d creamy texture makes it smudge if u rub ur eyes a lot. but other than that i hav no complaints at all…

  4. kiran says

    it’s my first time buying kajal, and i have purchaced “hashmi kajal” and “shehnaz hussain kajal” . after some research on the net i have noticed that hashmi is/may contain lead. a local cosmetics shop was raided yesterday and it was printed in the news that items that one of the items that contained lead and mecury were hashmi kajal.

    has anyone ever used shehnaz hussain kajal? is it good/dark? and does it smudge? apparently this brand is very popular in India. So if anyone from India can post something that would be greatly appreciated!

    and anybody’s thoughts on hashmi kajal?

  5. vasu says

    Um, those are not the kajal brands of India. those are western concepts of what Indian kajal is. Kajal brands are not usually available in India and they are traditionally applied in stick format or with the little finger. My grandma and my family use home made Kajal, which is safe and does not have lead in it. These brands do not do any of the things that Kajal is traditionally supposed to do (cool the eyes and prevent eye infection, also making the eyesight stronger). they are just regular chemicals.

  6. vasu says

    @kiran Shanaz Hussain is supposed to be the best but as all traditional kajals it does smudge. (it has no chemicals, kinda hard for it not to smudge). But you can make sure not to touch your lashes while applying it. this prevents it from smudging too much.

  7. Sree says

    Place a mud pot,or copper plate above a burning cotton wick. The wick should be lit in a lamp with either coconut oil, sesame oil or ghee(clarified butter). Place the plate or pot just above the flame with the help of a support(brick or something like that which do not burn). Make sure to keep this somewhere where there is no wind, also make sure that it is not kept on carpet or any flammable items nearby. After some time soot will build up on the plate above the flame.When flame goes out and the plate is not too hot take it from the stand and add enough (2 or 3 drops) coconut oil, sesame oil or ghee to this soot to make a paste. Kajal is ready. When applying for the first time make sure not to apply inside the eyes because you might feel some burning sensation.Store it in a small container. Can keep this kajal for years, I mean, it has no expiry date.