Beauty On The Go: Clinique Quick Blush

If you know me, you will know that I spend a lot of time applying make up in a car and generally speeding about from place to place.

That’s why I was dying to try this new product from Clinique – simply names Quick Blush because its a portable blushing, erm, solution.

The colour is in the cap – oh yep! The brush is already there! Means all you need is this chubby thing for colour on your cheeks:

clinqiue quick blush.jpg

Mine is in Hurry Honey which is a neutral warm brown shade – very wearable, sheer and natural on my NC30-35 skintone. There are 6 shades in total.

The brush itself is a little chubby thing (how often have you said that to someone?……) so its not tiny, mini portable but I am guessing you need a decent sized brush otherwise its streak city.

clinqiue blusher quick.jpg

The colour is in the cap! Clever eh! But no scraping it out would your finger. They say:

How To Use

Twist lid clockwise in order to release colour to the brush. Remove brush from packaging and let brush curves hug your cheekbones as you custom-build colour and define cheek contours.

So you need to TWIST the brush as you open it so some colour is deposited.

quick blush clinique.jpg

Nice brush too – I didn’t experience any shedding, which is rare.


Was a bit tricky at first to apply because I wasn’t sure how much pigment was reaching the brush. The more you use it the more it makes sense though.

This particular shade is quite sheer, I’d go for something brighter next time.

The brush is still chubby, so its not mega portable.


The brush is excellent quality

The blush is very pretty too, not OTT and wearable so very few blush mistakes

Its made things easier for me – I am always too lazy to take a big brush and a blush with me so this just streamlines things.

Its just a good idea!

clinque quick blush.jpg

Remember when you have finished the product you can just keep the brush to use!

Buy yours here for £21.50

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