KOJI LineQueen 1-Day Long Makeup Liquid Eyeliner

Who doesn’t want liquid eyeliner to last all day? The Japanese do long lasting make up better than anyone else, methinks, so I finally tested out some 24 hour eyeliner by Koji.


The brush is very fine, but also a little flat. It feels like a soft pen and is quite flexible. It gives you the most perfect thin line!



1. Super fine tip
– with a ultra fine tip of 0.1mm, it gives you precision & freedom for drawing liners of any width

2. Water Resistance
– it contains quick drying polymers with a good resistance to water, sweat & sebum, and allows a long lasting of beauty

3. Non-organic Dyes
– it employs only non-organic dyes which enables an easy makeup removal by general cleansing or warm water

There are 2 colours, Real black (the one I have) and Natural Black, which is more of a natural shade of black…

Real black is pretty black but still not as inky black as I’d like. It’s still pretty nice though:


It is a really long lasting eyeliner, it didn’t move until I wanted to take it off, even though I have watery eyes.

I got this for $11 from eBay! Much recommended if you want a fine liquid eyeliner which lasts all day. This is VERY easy to use – if you are rubbish with liquid liners then try out this felt tip type style, its just like drawing :)

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  1. says

    I am nodding like crazy when you said who doesn’t want eyeliners that lasts all day! ME ME ME! Living in a tropical weather like mine, pencil eyeliners doesn’t stay put on me no matter how “waterproof” they say they are! thanks for this review

    • Row says

      Hey Nikki :)

      I bet living in a hot country too you really need make up to stay in place – I found it really tricky when I was abroad to keep make up on! this was EXCELLENT but I am speaking from a chilly UK weather base 😀

  2. Blair says

    I like felt liners as well! I have one from Kate… it’s time for me to branch out to other brands!

    • Row says

      Hey Blair!

      I think the KATE one is just ok, if you get the chance try this Koji one! I think its excellent!