PsyDerma Skincare: Beauty & Psychology?


Whenever I was “sick” of school, my mum used to bring me a sugary cup of tea dn buttered toast (I think I’m still carrying that butter around my waist now), and I’d curl up and watch Richard & Judy on This Morning.  I remember watching Dr Linda Papadopoulous and thinking how calm and concise she seemed.  Dr Linda is still on TV these days and she looks….well exactly the same as how she did when I was a teenager.  She’s doing something right, right?!


 Now, Dr Linda has a skincare range called PsyDerma. 


They say:


With our lives becoming ever more stressful, the demands we make of ourselves are becoming apparent visually – on our skin. We accept that stress can cause skin conditions such as psoriases and eczema – but research has shown that one of the biggest contributing factors to ageing skin is stress.  Dr Linda Papadopoulos is a PhD and world-renowned expert in this phenomenon, known as psychodermatology

Dr Papadopoulos has said,After having worked with hundreds of patients it became clear to me that what was lacking in the field of dermatological cosmetics was a range that addressed skin’s health holistically, taking into an account a person’s emotional state as well as their physical state’.  


I am currently trying out their Cleansing Thoughts Foaming Cleanser (£13.50), Enlightenment Day Moisturises (£32) and Intensive PsyTherapy Stree Release Serum (£30).


I feel quite positive about this brand – mainly because I know that when I am feeling stressed out it affects my entire body – I don’t sleep well, I find it hard to concentrate and my skin gets spotty, I look grey and sluggish – I feel like I am in a shell.  The Psy-Derma range uses natural oils, essential oils, various vitamins, active ingredients and nootropics (plant proteins) to promote wellbeing as well as the skincare element.


You can view the entire range here, but I will be back with tried and tested reviews!



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  1. says

    I think that’s kind of funny, blending psychology and beauty. The advertisers aren’t just using psychology to get into our heads, they’re advertising psychology itself to get us to buy it. Pretty neat!

    Can’t wait to see reviews!