Winner Announcement & Catch Up!

Yes, yes its time for me to grovel once again at my lack of productivity – you know I am usually good for 3 posts a day but recently work has been exhausting, so I have been falling asleep, dribbling on my MAC in the process.

cat_toy_1.jpg (JPEG Image, 450x450 pixels).jpg

With a bit more rest in me I have lots of cool posts coming up, a homemade tutorial, some bargain make up finds, inspired FOTD and *fingers crossed* a blog sale coming up. I have tons and tons and tons of new make up (I shop a LOT when I am stressed – damn you internet and one click payment) some HOT dior products, my banana mascara, some NYX palettes and salmon concealer – like real salmon.

There will also be this weeks competition and a really lovely giveaway that will just cost you the price of shipping.

Stay tuned and pretty! x

P.S. Winner of last weeks MUGU is Eru! Please email me your shipping address Eru, at rowena AT

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  1. Mable says

    Banana mascara?!?!? I’m intrigued…haha.

    Seems like everyone’s been super busy lately. I myself, have been surviving on 3 hrs/day for the past few weeks. All the stress and lack of sleep induced the same behaviour. I went on a crazy online shopping spree. Sigh. I wonder why that happens? *laugh*

    • Row says

      Hey Mable

      Yep Banana mascara!

      Oh no!!!! Someone else with very little sleep like me. Its awful :( I have been grabbing 2 more hours than normal recently so getting 6 hous sleep and I eel even more tired! I comfort myself buy buying stuff online! (bad idea!)x