We are currently changing hosts – our old hosts Unlimited Hosting are one of the most infuriating companies we have ever dealt with – so there may be a few glitches for the next 24-48 hours as we propagate. Any missing images will have to be reuploaded once we have properly switched.  Your patience is appreciated

Mini Break Away….


No – or  very few – blog posts this week as we have a mini break away from all the crazy-ness going on. I am OFF DUTY, yo!  Then back home for the blog sale this coming Saturday – don’t miss it!  Feeling strangely content and optimistic at the moment!   Have a lovely week x 



Ladies, ladies… This is the first time EVER I have planned a blog sale and had to change the date but unfortunately – I thought we could do more than we actually could.  We are away for a few days and we have are moving house at very short notice shortly – so life is very hectic to say the least.  With this being the biggest blog sale I have ever done (well over a […]

General Blog Service Update and Sean Bean Memes


So this happened… My not cheap Macbook Pro which is just 6 months old died suddenly yesterday (currently not charging – it’s flashing orange) so I have booked myself into the Apple genius bar AGAIN where I can be assisted by some 19 year old hipster with bizarre facial hair. I am currently typing on my old and incredibly slow Macbook – whilst it is nearly 7 years old it has served me well which […]

New Blog Design!


Just a quickie to let you know we are implementing a new, cleaner blog design (as you can see). It’ll probably take a day or two to implement all the changes and there may be little bugs as we go along – if you spot a problem (like you try to leave a comment and it doesn’t work) then by all means let me know! All new! Like a brand new kitteh! 

Bumble & Bumble launch in Boots Manchester!


One of my favourite hair ranges, Bumble & Bumble will be launching in Boots premium haircare areas (30 flagship Boots stores initially by the end of October 2012). This means we can buy their goodies with Boots points!!! You can also take a seat in the styling chair and get a consultation from a stylist – you can also get the chance to pick up a FREE styling card. Use this card at a participating […]

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