Feed issues, Blog update…


Hello ladies…Just a quick update. At the moment we are trying to sort out the feeds so there may be some little kinks to iron out (such as more than one email being sent out each day – that is not supposed to happen!). Hopefully in a few days this will be rectified. At some point we will also be implement a new blog design…bear with us! That’s all! 

Speed Reviews Alert!


Aloha! Ladies, I am still as busy as ever…however, I am putting aside some evenings to photograph some gorgeous new products I’ve been trying.  I also went through some photographs from January 2012 till now – and there are lots of odd products I never got round to reviewing (but I took photos of!).  Therefore I declare lots of…speed reviews! I’ll be balancing the little one on my chest and hopefully catching up with some […]



Hallo lovelies,  Last week me & Mr C got married and this week we are on our honeymoon – hello sun AND for the first time this year, a proper good rest!  As I am writing this, I am last minute packing (where are my clean underpants!!!)…as we didn’t get married in our home town we have had to unpack and repack in a short space of time.   I’ve scheduled some posts for this […]

A little note….


…to say that I will be back to regular business soon…the lack of posts recently is down to tiredness and general busy-ness – I’ve had a lot going on!  I’ve also got loads to blog about so I will get back into the swing of things as soon as I can.  I am having problems with the hosts and receiving comments which is annoying and another thing I am trying to fix.   So please […]

Whoops, Blog Sale Update, Stuff

Aloha! Sorry it’s been quiet on the blog of late! There are a few reasons for this.  Here’s a picture of a cat: 1) We are changing hosts – this always takes forever, and involves lots of messing about.  During this time it’s hard to post as you never know where it’ll end up.  Some comments from the last few days may be lost, sorry.  Connection may be a bit choppy as it switches over, […]

Blog Sale Update!


Hi guys! Just a quick blog sale update. Thanks to everyone who purchased and paid quickly.  I have a very very busy week ahead and so does my right hand man, Mr C which means we have limited time in the evenings to pack everything!  This being said I am hoping to get all parcels out on Monday 6th February.  We have around 75 packages to pack so bear with us, because I check every […]

Happy New Year! New Years Resolutions, 2012 Chit Chat and all that…


Hello guys!  In case I don’t get a chance later I wanted to say Happy New Year, and have a bit of a chit chat because the blog has been running on skeleton mode the last week! Are you excited about 2012? I am – I have a really good feeling about the year ahead, with lots of work plans and personal plans cooking in the kitchen.  There’s also The Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond […]

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