New Blog Design! Feedback Please

Guys, I decided the old blog design was a bit messy, so I hope you like this new fresh look. We’ve added new functions and things but please let me know in the comments if:

a. Anything is broken
b. If something that you previously used is missing
c. If you can think of any features you’d like added


Here’s to a fresh start.


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  1. says

    Love it Row. Everything is a lot more cleaner now and more easily readable. The only thing I miss is the pink! Not sure how I feel about the green, it will grow on me though, not like it matters anyway cos I’ll still be reading forever, regardless of the colour!

  2. liloo says

    I am looking at your blog currently on internet explorer with a monitor resolution of 1024×768. I absolutely adore the new colour scheme, it looks so fresh, love the yellow and the green. Mousing over the items in the menu doesn’t work very well, because the writing is hidden by the advertising banner as shown on this screen capture:
    – Do we need the {} around the headings on the banner? It looks a bit too much
    – The layout is too wide for my screen and there is still a horizontal scroll bar.
    but other than that it’s ace xx

    On Firefox 3.6, 1024×768 resolution,
    the hovering menu is working perfectly and appears under over ad.
    blog layout is too wide to fit my screen and i have a horizontal scroll bar as seen here:

    Please please please would it be possible to have full feed enabled so that we can your posts on google reader, this would be so helpful, thank you.
    this is what i meant:

    full feed enabled:

    just a preview enabled (like yours is set)
    where i can only read the first opening words and I need to click on the website to read the blog.

    I love being able to read blog posts on google reader, this is so handy for me.
    I read more that way, and I comment more too xx

    is everyone reading on firefox and having huge screens ???

  3. Jen says

    Really loving the new design and features :) Nice and fresh for the Spring! I find the new tabs really handy, and the calender function is a really good addition, epecially for catching up on previous entries I may have missed!

  4. Vicky says

    I love the color and design! Green is my favorite color so i’m biased though.
    The only thing I miss is the link to the previous posts on the bottom, i could check if I had miss something without having to click on anything :)

  5. says

    Everything is working fine on Firefox for me so it looks like the site is fine!
    Glad the new colour scheme is green & yellow too, it’s so refreshing 😀

  6. says

    Wait! I just noticed the click box for the “Notify me of follow up comments via email” is inside the commenting box whereas the text is below the commenting box as it should be, on both Firefox and IE.
    That’s all that I see, for sure this time!