My Shu Uemura Eyeshadow Collection

First Crush

My first ever true make up brand love belongs to Shu Uemura. As soon as I knew that I could collect the eyeshadows and depot them into custom made palettes, I knew it was over for me and the bank balance.

Sienna Miller of Make Up

These days, the truth is that I have a lot of make up and am a little bit of a hussy – I kind of grab what I like in the morning, then discard it when I’m bored (which quite often).

I don’t wear that much make up in the day any more – I am always diverting some kind of disaster. (Its true. Locked yourself out? That’s me. Lost your key? That’s me. Got on the wrong bus? That’s me. It all happens to me). My point is, Shu doesn’t always get much attention.

I have a few other LE Shu palettes….somewhere, but here is the bulk of it for you to peruse:

My green palette, my true love

green palette.jpg

Greens are my first love so this green and blue is my favourite. I love the IR beige (top left hand corner) but also the metallic green blue (2nd row, three from the right…this is going to get complicated).

Love the metallics too on the bottom rows.

See my other palettes….read on…..

Second favourite, brown palette

shu uemura brows palette.jpg

Another nice one, a mixture of nude, mattes and shimmers. The 2nd row, 2nd colour in is the classic gunmetal shade ME Silver 945 people rave on about (its the only one that remotely has a dip!). This is the old formula too which I think is creamier.

Brights Palette

shu uemura palette brights.jpg

I like this, it reminds me of tropical colours – I like the hot green and the metallic yellow the most (2nd row, three from the right). The top row looks like boring whites but they are all IR shades that have a holographic look.

Purple Palette

shu uemura palette-1.jpg

Lots of mattes in this palette, nudes, pinks and purples. The knockout shade is the matte eggplant, bottom row, three from the right. Its the most perfect matte plum in THE WORLD! It’s actually sold as M PINK 150 though but if that’s pink then my name is Burt.

Random Palette

This has four light blushes then some bits from the Filigree Christmas collection. I’ve not used them as I don’t want to – ahem – ruin the pattern on the top. One day…

shu uemura xmas collection palette.jpg

Blusher Palette

shu uemura blushers.jpg

There’s nothing wrong with Shu Blushers, nothing knockout about them either. The gold here (top right) is nice and so is the red, suprisingly on the bottom right.

Random Palette

shu uemura palettes-2.jpg

Blushers on the top and four random shades I couldn’t find homes for!

These were from a Christmas collection (I think it was last year?):

shu uemura palettes.jpg

These are the older eyeshadows and you can’t buy them any more. They are bigger in size so do not fit properly in the silver or new palettes. I put them in the black palette but there is still a little gap in the bottom corner.

shu uemura palette eyeshadows.jpg

Old shadows don’t have their name printed on the bottom, so I can’t tell you what these shades are called!

shu uemura palette.jpg

Word about Shu Uemura Palettes:

I think at the moment you can buy the silver one (£15), which I have used above the most (as they are double sided) and the black palette (£10) which I used for the larger shadows – these are not double sided.

They have released a large silver palette at £25 which takes 36 pans (shadows). They also release LE small palettes that take 4 pans (normally £10 each).

One blusher is the size of 2 shadows.

LE Blushers and Shadows (unless they come in their own metal palette) are depottable too.

They also so a small lip palette so you can melt colours in to them, abut £8 each and is black plastic.

None of the silver palettes are magnetic, you get sticky strips with them plus every shadow and blush has a dollop of glue in the bottom so when you poke it out, you can just reuse that glue to stick it in. I always do this as its secure but means I can move them around. The sticky strips they provide make it harder to remove = nail in shadow disaster = irate me.

We also know that Shu Uemura tools (tweezers, lash applicators etc. are the best) and they really need to recycle their plastics.

Hope that’s been interesting/useful! What brand do you (in the words of my 14 year old cousin) bum off?*

*That means ‘like a lot’

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  1. says

    I haven’t had the opportunity to try many brands but I’m sure I’d be addicted to Urban Decay! And atm, I’m on a MAC kick 😀 Sooo jealous of your Shu collection!

  2. monika says

    hey there, where can i get these empty shu palettes?? in the united states, thanks a bunch
    best, monika