Review: Jemma Kidd Pro Prep & Brighten Duo Eye Primer

It was the lovely Louise at my Nars counter who alerted me to this product – Jemma Kidd Pro’s Prep & Brighten Dual Ended Primer, which I responded,

“A primer? Where? Where? Where?”

Space NK, came the reply. Although in true Space NK style, I went to the store closest to me to be told it isn’t sold in that branch, I had to go to another branch and when I went there, they didn’t have it in stock and hadn’t had for “the last three months. I dunno when we are getting it back in.”

Great. Off to Look Fantastic then (the Pro range is also on sale at ASOS but the shipping is far to much for one make up item – perhaps they should have a lower rate for make up purchases only? I remember the days when ASOS shipping was £2.50 or free is you spend £40….rather than £5.95 for next day deliverey, which as I found is not always next day.)

So anyway, I bought the damn primer:

jemma kidd pro prep and brighten duo .jpg

Is it any good…well….

Lets get the price out of the way – £18.00 plus £2.50 shipping so I paid £20.50 which is STEEP for any primer, and lets consider that Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance are only £11 each and last for ages.

So this better be amazing.

Oh but wait. The amount you get is just 1.45 grams (0.04oz for my US friends). What is that? The same as the price as Gold? I thought Touche Eclat was a rip off at 2.5ml for £15! (the best price online inc. shipping – don’t ever buy it for £23 on the highstreet, will you?)

jemma kidd brighten i perfector.jpg

BUT! I won’t let price change how I judge the product itself. There were no colour choices on the site but when delivered mine said Light-Medium so perhaps there is a Medium-Dark somewhere….

The product is dual ended, the thicker end as a base and the pencil end to line alone the bottom lashes to create a wide eye effect.

They say –

Directions of use:

* Base – Start by applying the product at the base of the lash line and blend up to the socket.

* Work the product into the skin providing an even base.

* Apply and blend under eyes to help conceal circles and even skin tone.

* Liner – Begin at the inner corner of the eye and draw along the inner rim of the eye.

* To really brighten and open the eye, line the outer corner and upper rim.

jemma kidd i perfector.jpg

The shade is pretty light although I can just about get away with it with my NC35ish medium skintone but I wouldn’t wear it without shadow on top (just as an eye brightener) or I’d look like a raccoon.

The texture is that of a firm concealer, it blended ok, and gave quite an even base. With eyeshadow, it did an ok job as a base, no creasing for half of the day…the result:

jemma kidd.jpg

Not the best photo, but you get the idea.

Overall, I like the product for its convenience – its certainly easy to use and blend in. But that’s about it. Its way over priced – way, way overpriced, and its just ok. As a stick, it will also be a lot quicker to go through.

I didn’t think it had the holding power of the likes of UDPP, and was a little too stark to wear on its own as a lid brightener-evener.

I’m so annoyed at myself for making daft purchases sometimes – (another one of them coming up, and it won’t be pretty)…

Did I like this product? No. Do I mourn the Big Macs I could have bought with £20.50p instead? Yes, my belly is in mourning.

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  1. Naz says

    I’ve been wanting to check out this range since it was moved from Boots and apparently made much better, hence the huge price increases!

    But keeping on topic about a eye primer, GOSH do one in a stick version, it’s got a iridescent sheen to it and it’s the bee’s knees. I couldn’t work with UDPP, but this does a fantastic job of keeping my eyeshadow where it should be and for only a fiver! Loves it =)

    • Row says

      Hi Naz

      The new expensive stuff is supposed to be the Pro range!!! Not really worth it from what I’ve tried – she’s putting herself in high end luxury brands.

      I like GOSH a lot, i will check it out. UDPP’s downside is it dries and makes it very hard to blend. Try Too faced Shadow Insurance which is wet on the eye for longer, and I LOVE Art Deco Primer (about $6)

  2. Samantha says

    Although your belly is morning, perhaps your waistline isn’t :). think of all the calories you saved by buying a useless product!!!