Video 2: My Stash and Rambling Chit Chat

I’m on a roll! Actually I’m not. I filmed this like 3 weeks ago in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep and was slightly delirious, so go figure. But I thought I’d post it anyway its just me and the collection that I have been trying the shrink down. *Captioning not finished on this video – but will be Not trying to show off or brag or anything. Its a collection I’ve […]

Stash: Scott Barnes Make Up Collection – Eyeshadows


Good Morning Girls, What a week its been! I can’t believe I am only in week 2 of a New Year and have had so much unfortunate luck already. Nevertheless, I am optimistic – after all we are incredibly fortunate to be here and we should spread some love to the people of Haiti. And on that happy note, I thought I’d do a stash focus post today on Scott Barnes. Scott is well known […]

My Stash: Sleek MakeUP i-divine Eyeshadow Palette Swatches & Review

For ladies who don’t know, Sleek MakeUP is a drugstore or highstreet cosmetic brand sold exclusively at Superdrug (and some online outlets) in the UK. It began life as a range for darker skinned women (in terms of base – concealer, foundations etc.) but the colour products can, of course, be used with any skintone. I have noticed that they have recently expanded their base range so that there are options for lighter skins too. […]

My Shu Uemura Eyeshadow Collection

First Crush My first ever true make up brand love belongs to Shu Uemura. As soon as I knew that I could collect the eyeshadows and depot them into custom made palettes, I knew it was over for me and the bank balance. Sienna Miller of Make Up These days, the truth is that I have a lot of make up and am a little bit of a hussy – I kind of grab what […]

My Stash – updated

I did a post on my stash a while ago but I noticed the photos are missing from it because the stupid hosts I moved from *A Small Orange – cough* lost a large portion of my image files. And I had deleted them from my PC. So I decided to do another post on it and my collection. You will note that I am: 1. Messy 2. Fairly disorganised and scatty 3. Obsessive Its […]

My day to day make up bags


I am not having a good day. Today is TOH’s birthday and things have already gone wrong. A courier was supposed to deliver something – at 9.30am the bell goes, there’s a mad dash to the door and they’ve already done a runner, as if they WANTED me to miss my delivery. Very frustrating. And as always, you call the customer services up and the don’t know nuffin. That is the least of my problems […]

Stash Pics!


Just gratuity. I was going to write down every product I have but about 2 draws in I considered putting my head in a gas oven instead so I stopped. Nevertheless, maybe one day I’ll get round to it. Eyeliners, lippies etc. Palettes: More palettes: Solo shadows: Gel Liners: Cream eyeshadows: Lips: Random – I can’t be arsed now drawer: Liquid liners and bases: Blushers: Lips Part 2: Nars: Mineral Make Up: Bases: Skin Powders: […]

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