Haul: Bloom Cosmetics Sheer Cream Blusher and Eyeliners

I remember when Aussie brand Bloom first hit the UK stores – I must have just started Uni and bought a few of the products try out, then *poof* – it was gone.

Now its back and in selected Superdrug stores! I bought three items as part of the 3 for 2 offer (total spent £20). There were loads of tempting things but I was good and stuck to 3 items, not 6….

Bloom Sheer Colour Cream Shadow Liner.jpg

They say:

My finding just the right balance between heritage and hip, poise and playfulness, Bloom creates fresh, innovative and approachable beauty products that make you look, and more importantly feel beautiful. – its true – the outer packaging is very very cute (but that ends up in the bin anyway…)

I picked up a Sheer Colour Cream blusher in Coy, a neutral light pink and two Shadow Liners, in Electric Blue and Ebony Brown – dual purpose shadow and liners.

This blush had lots of great reviews which is why I bought it:

bloom cream blusher.jpg

Meh. All I can say is meh. This blush was a little too sheer for me, a little greasy like a light lipgloss. The colour didn’t really show up on my NC30-35 skin so its been rather pointless.

cream blush bloom.jpg

Would look lovely on fairer skin, perhaps? The two shadow liners I’ve never seen before – I love dual purpose, slimline products I can tote around in my bag in case there’s an apocalypse tomorrow:
They Say:

Bloom’s Shadow Liner is both an Eye Liner and Eye Shadow. Use its’ unique, flat lead for precision lining or to sweep colour over
the entire lid. Its creamy texture is long-lasting and minimises creasing.

Bloom Eye liner Eye shadow.jpg

I bought two of these because both colours are so stunning! Electric Blue is a metallic azure and ebony black is a rich chocolate with gold flecks. It is creamy and easy to use and blend on the eyes but its not 100% smudge proof. A bit of primer helps (or a neutral eyeshadow on first to absorb the oil).

bloom eyeshadow pencils.jpg


bloom eyeshadow pencils-1.jpg

Overall, I’m glad Bloom is back in the UK although it is bordering on being a little too pretty and a little expensive to be on a messy shelf in Superdrug…nevertheless, its a lovely range, and I have my eye on a lipgloss although I may wait to see if theres another 3 for 2 at Bloom.

What do you think? Love Bloom? Never heard of it?

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  1. says

    I bought the Bloom lipbalm, heavenly in Lime! I also bought two cream eye shadows, gorgeous colours but crease-city unless you wear a primer underneath… I think you’re right about seeing such a cute brand alongside the messy others in Superdrug is a bit depressing. I might try the eye pencils they look fab!

  2. Peach says

    I love the Coy cream blusher – I’ve been wearing it non-stop for about a year and a half now. I seem to have the opposite of your problem, since I’m fairer than NC15 and have to be really careful about how much of the blusher I use!

  3. says

    I’ve never really experienced it and considering it’s pretty expensive I’ll probably never indulge. In saying that, if I was going to treat myself I’d have a snoop around at their foundations because I’ve a funny feeling I’ve seen some really pale ones. Might have to have a look for some reviews!

  4. tigerslovepepper says

    Never heard of it (we’ve quite a limited range of makeup brand here in Italy). Lovely packaging!