Lips of the Day: Barry M Lip Gloss in 08 Strawberry Glitter

Not everyone likes Glitter on the lips but I do! This Barry M Lipgloss in Strawberry Glitter caught my eye because it is pure glitter:

Barry M Lip Gloss.jpg

Its the kind of thing that could really work on top of a lipstick, especially a matte lipstick in a similar colour. I’ve got it on here by itself:

barry m glittery lip gloss.jpg

Its not superfine glitter you understand – its more party, in your face glitter but I kind of like it, its certainly unusual:

barry m lip gloss glitter.jpg

Glitter on the lips…yay or nay? If you don’t like glitter, what’s your favourite lipstick finish?

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  1. Donna B says

    I am a glitter freak, i love it everywhere. I even have perfume that comes with glitter in it. I have a glitter roll on for the body so i can just cover myself in it, then there is glitter nail polish& eyes shadow.

    So as you can see glitter lipgloss is a dream come true for me xx

  2. Megan says

    Nay. ):
    Mostly because I rub my lips together a lot when I wear lipgloss, so after a while the glitter all moves to the outside edges of my lips and it looks really odd.
    Either that, or the glitter actually scratches my lips because the particles are too big.

  3. diskogal says

    That’s what I would call disko-lips 😀
    I wish we could buy Barry M cosmetics over here too…

    I have an eyeshadow that looks exactly like this (same size and colour of glitter) and I used to wear it a lot, even though it just wouldn’t come off…I haven’t seen it in a while though, I’ll try to find it now!

  4. awesome says

    i looove glitter but when i wear lipgloss with too much big glitter it cuts my lips and hurts! :(