Maybelline Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara Review

Vibrating things have been big, like, forever, in the sex industry, but in cosmetics? This is sort of new. I was sent this Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara to try out last week and I finally got round to having a play.

maybelliene mascara pulse perfection.jpg

It’s a whopping £15 – I saw whopping because its rather pricey for a drugstore level mascara. I think £10 is steep for a mascara anyway (considering that 90% amount of them that just don’t work for my lashes).

maybelliene pulse perfection.jpg

Pulse Perfection worth spending £15 on? See after the jump!

So things that vibrate need batteries to run them and Pulse Perfection sits at the top of the tube like this:

maybelliene pulse perfection mascara.jpg

I am always quick to mock those who are technologically retarded, but this time that person was me…..”Where’s the instructions….peel out what?……press what……IT WON’T WORK! IT’S BROKE…oh look its working….” and so on.

Good Vibrations

Unlike Estee Lauder’s Turbo Lash (which costs £28 – so I guess Pulse Perfection is half the cost), this one requires you to press the small tab to get it vibrating. Estee Lauders vibrates as soon as you click open the lid.

Here’s the thing. If you explained these two designs to me I would 100% say the Pulse Perfection tab idea is better. But in real use, the Estee Lauder tube is much better, because the Pulse Perfection encourages hand fatigue, and being at the very end of the tube, it makes it hard to hold down when applying.

The brush:

maybelliene pulse perfection lipstick.jpg

It reminds me of the Define a lash brush – quite bendy, spiky – its ok.

Sh-Sh-Shake it baby!

I compared the vibrations of Turbo Lash and Pulse Perfection (Mr Candy became very interested when it came to this part). The vibrations with the Turbo Lash is far far stronger than with Pulse Perfection.

One coat:

maybellene pulse perfection mascara.jpg

Lashes are well separated and defined. However the dreaded flop sets in:

maybelliene pulse perfection-1.jpg

Boo-hoo. I did a second coat anyway:

maybelliene mascara.jpg

With a second coat it adds a lot of thickness and body to the lash and a bit of clump.


Its not a bad mascara at all to be honest, and performed better than I thought it would. It did cause floppage on me, which means its not something I would repurchase but those with natural length and curl will probably like it.

But anyway – the vibration is the crux here – and is the reason why Maybelline and other companies are charging high prices – I am not completely convinced yet.  I’ll update you if that changes!

Erm…….no. Not at all. It made my eyeballs tremble, but thats about it. From now on the only thing in my handbag that will vibrate is my phone and….that’s all. That’s all.

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  1. says

    I really like this one too – not sure I’d repurchase as I found it a bit “crispy” feeling on the lashes, but it performed WAY better than I expected it to x

  2. says

    I’m tempted to buy mascara!! I know it’s probably a gimmick and a strategy to rise the price but… I’m still lemming for it, LoL. Thank you for the review :)

    • Row says

      Hi Eru

      Hey try it out for yourself let me know what you think! Its VERY gimmicky and to me, not much use altho the mascara itself is pretty good x