Review: Schwarzkopf Osis Design Mix Hair Styling Range

I am a low maintenance kind of gal – especially when it comes to my hair (I had a lot o it cut off – more about this later). So do I have time for tons of hi-tech styling products? No, not really. I use heat protection if remember, and something in damp hair.

Well…I am kind of in love with Schwarzkopf’s Osis hair styling range which is split into 6 products – each pot does one specific thing, but they work together, even if they are contradictions. You still with me?


OSiS Design Mix delivers…

* Innovative styling textures that let you take your looks to the next level.
* A concise assortment of 6 products, which fulfils all your demands for professional styling.
* Styling products that work individually, but have also been specially developed and tested to be perfectly intermixable.
* A range of products that is completely contradictive, allowing you to create and mix your own products and styles.

There’s Gloss & Matt, Smooth & Rough, Light & Strong. I choose Light, Strong and Gloss, with the hope of getting natural, shiny hair with any dodgy flicks held in place.

Light is a white jelly with blue beads in it – my favourite of the bunch, I apply this to hair before blog drying and it adds just a little control and smoothness.

light hair styling.jpg

Strong is like an orange gel, once again quite thick. I use this after drying to hold bits in place and I figured if I do little quiffs I can use this to hold hair in place:

schwarzkopf strong gel.jpg

Gloss Balm - a lemony yellow jelly that has macadamia nut oil in it to add gloss. Used at the end of styling of course.


I am super lazy with hair but I’ve enjoyed using all these products – its kept my frizzies under control and its easy to use since you can scoop out exactly how much you want. I like how different each product looks, since the packaging is pretty much the same of each one (a grey cube) you can’t get confused.

Oh I even like the packaging! Its stackable you see, my tubes and pots are taking up too much room.

You can check out the range here.

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