Ooh, I like: Revlon Fabulash Mascara Review

I got this mascara in the post quite a while back….I have quite a big collection of new mascaras and ones I’ve tested like, twice, because if a mascara doesn’t suit me I ditch it quickly.

I cracked open this Revlon Fabulash Mascara, just because I wasted to try something a little different.


Its a unassuming mascara, a plain black tube and a brush that has both short and long bristles.

They Say:

Be fabulous with 400% fuller, clump-free lashes! The patented Lash Perfecting brush combines short bristles, to beautifully thicken lashes, and long bristles to perfectly separate without clumps. Exclusive formula is enriched with silk proteins and vitamin E to keep lashes soft.

The tube:


I like the brush shape A LOT.

There are clear short and long bristles – never had one quite like this before but I’ve realised it works a treat on my kind of lashes – short, straight, difficult to handle.


There’s no noticeable scent, and this mascara, for me anyway, is pretty much clump free and it does add colour and volume…
Maybe its because the formula is waterproof (waterproof mascara’s are great for holding curl) so I found that this mascara actually helped hold curl – something that rarely happens for my lashes and Western mascara brands.

On the eye:


I’m not saying it boosts curl, it just doesn’t make mine flop.

I put this down to the brush shape for not depositing too much mascara on the lashes and also the dry formula which I find tends to hold my lashes up better.

If you don’t like dry mascara’s you might not like this…


I wouldn’t say this mascara is clump free – although on my there are only tiny, fine clumps – nothing too major.

It did quite a good job with separation though:


Whilst this mascara isn’t for everyone, this is the first drugstore mascara that I’ve liked in a while. It does more for volume that it does for length but I actually really really like it! I’d recommend it to other ladies who may have short, straight lashes too.

NOTE: At the end of the day, this mascara flakes. I do mean at the end of a 12 hour day though.

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  1. jaffra says

    Have you tried using castor oil on your lashes? I know it sounds like a hokey cure your grandma tries to force on you but it really does work!

    I apply a bit to the roots of my lashes and brush through with a cotton bud every night and after about 2 weeks my lashes are a lot thicker and longer – plus they look healthier and have even started to flick upwards a bit!

    Worth a shot, right?

  2. says

    thanks for the review, i may seek this out when i finally (if ever) run out of mascara! i find that i always have so many mascaras banging about from gift sets that my aunts/mum buy that i can never move on to different brands!! so all my mascaras are basically clinique and no 7. the only mascara i’ve bought by myself (what a big girl) is the badgal lash by benefit which i really liked whilst it lasted.

    my favourite no 7 mascara (having basically tested the lot) is the lash 360 one. i hate waterproof mascaras (since i used a maxfactor one that dried my lashes into crispy eyelash crackling and made them flake off… sob) so i can’t really rely on them for holding a curl. i have the same sort of eyelashes as you – straight/floppy, hard to handle, but the lash 360 mascara has a lovely big brush with different sized bristles that really help to separate and lift and hold a curl. i use it not only wiggling it through the lashes but also twirling it in my fingers to separate the lashes.

    stay away from the no7 extreme length mascara!! more like extreme clumps and no curl or length…


  3. Lisa says

    Have you been getting enough sleep lately? Your eyes look really red and tired :(


  4. Maiara Viegas says

    I have this one, and I can’t say I don’t like it, because I do, but I think its an average mascara. I don’t have tons of makeups nor a large knowledge of them, but I guess there is a better mascara for me out there.

    nice blog 😉

    • Row says

      Hi Maiara

      Mixed views on this mascara, I kinda like it! But no I don’t love it there’s so much choice out there!