Kate Gradical Eye Eyeshadow Palette in Gold and Orange Review

I purchased Kanebo’s KATE new Gradical Eyeshadow Palettes recently. KATE is a pretty good brand in terms of quality although the last few eyeshadow palette offerings were a bit shimmer, a bit sheer.

The Gradical palette has 4 gradual shades and a white eye base which is quite common in Japanese eyeshadows palettes. They are thoughtful like that.


I have so many of these little palettes I went for shades I don’t normally choose – Gold and Orange:

KATE Gradical Eyes Eyeshadow.jpg

Unfortunately, the pretty raised look is caused by the lid of the product – the actual eyeshadow is flat and a bit boring.

KATE Gradical Eyes Eyeshadow Orange .jpg

How cool is this orange combination! I know orange is a scary colour but I think its quite fresh and pretty too. The deepest colour is more of a dark brown-orange with some glitter.

What I’ve found with these palettes is that the pigmentation improves a LOT if you use the shimmery white base underneath – then the colours look great.

Otherwise, its not the most pigmented palette you could get.


KATE Gradical Eyeshadow .jpg


KATE Gradical Eyeshadow in Gold.jpg

Gold is rather lovely too. Its got clean, yellow based golds and it has a olive tone to it.

Here the they are on my eye – the orange:

Kate Gradical Eyeshadow Orange.jpg

The gold – once again, excuse the funky lashes:

Kate Gradical Eyes Eyeshadow-1.jpg


The best Kate eyeshadow palette by far – possibly of all time – is still the Glam Trick Eyes – stunning stunning stunning palettes and affordable!

However these palettes are pretty snazzy too – its the first time in a while I’ve really liked a Kanebo Drugstore level eyeshadow palette (in the last 12 months or so). As long as you do the base, you’ll have a long lasting, pretty, sparkly but pigmented eyeshadow to play with.

I purchased this from Adambeauty.com for about £8 each.

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