Squeezable Me, Baby! Lash Control Lengthening and Conditioning Mascara Review

I was sent this mascara a long, long, long time ago, and it had remained at my “to try out” box for all this time…until now!

Lash Control Mascara is special because it has a squeezy section which means you can remove the excess from the brush without wasting any of the product. There’s a few variations, today we’ll have a look at the pink one which is lengthening and conditioning:


They say:

This unique easy-to-remove formula contains ginkgo biloba extract, chamomile flower extract and ginseng root extract and is gentle to your eyes. Add a layer after the first coat has dried for a longer look.

I am sure another brand had a similar idea – possibly Avon, does anyone have any recollection?

Anyway – I love the idea of Lash Control because with my fine lashes, too much product always makes my curl droop.


This mascara comes with the standard large bristle applicator:#alttext#

As you pull your brush out you squeeze the soft section and the excess comes off in the tube, as you can see.

You will definitely save more product this way (rather that taking the excess off with a tissue) although it does make me wonder – would you actually get much use of the mascara that’s saved in the pink section of the tube? Just wondering…


Its sort of cathartic squeezing the pink section – you can control how much mascara you put on although, its just a matter of experimentation and personal taste, no?


The result of 2 coats:


Whilst I love the idea behind this mascara a LOT, I do think that this particular mascara is a little too natural and subtle for my tastes.

The advantage of controlling the amount meant I could keep my lashes clump free and also my curl lasted better.

You can buy lash control from their website – you could also try something like Eyeko, which comes in a squeezy tube and you can technically do the same sort of thing, squeezing off the excess.

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  1. says

    Any good mascara should have a little thin part at the opening of it to squeeze off excess gloop. Its now one of the things i check with any i buy. Also the narrower the opening the less air gets in and it doesnt dry out as fast.

    • Row says

      I have to say I keep buying mascaras without checking for things like this! good tip!