Review: Stila Mango Crush – Lip & Cheek Stain

I was trying to find a dual use product for lip and cheek (I actually wanted the Beaute Cosmetics Liqui-Gel tints, but these take a while to get here from Canada).

Anyway I picked up the Stila Mango Crush Lip & Cheek Tint instead as I

a. Love Mangoes

b. Love Shimmery orange tones.

stila mango crush .jpg

Gah! This was pricey at £17 from Beauty Bay. More than I wanted to pay but I wanted it bad.

They say:

This super-fruit inspired multi-tasker will give you instant glamour gratification. Mango Crush Lip and Cheek Stain is infused with naturally staining mango extracts that react to your personal pH levels to create your perfect shade every time.

Did you hear that? It changes to your skintone! Better make sure you haven’t been sucking on lemons.

stila mango crush.jpg

It comes in a pen with a brush. Its quite lightweight, but its fine.

I always find it really hard to predict how much product is going to come flying out of the pen – twist twist twist twist – next thing you know, half the tube is flying out at you and you have to desperately go round finding people to smear it on.This one was quite good though – once the product comes to the surface you can judge it pretty well so not too much product wastage.

I am disappointed to say though, that it does not smell of mango. I don’t know what it does smell like – sort of an artificial cucumber. But not mango. Am disappointed by this very much.

stila mango crush lip cheek stain.jpg

The colour of lovely, perfect for warm toned gals like myself. Its a bright orange-coral type get up infused with shimmers. Quite clear shimmers. The texture is medium thick, and not greasy at all. I like this – I hate most liquid tints, takes too long for me to build up the stain.

stila mango crush-1.jpg

Here it is! Can you see the shimmer (or gold particles?!)….

It blends away very nicely and leaves a soft stain. On the lips its ok, but it dries every so slightly. On the cheek its a very fresh glow.

stila mango crush-2.jpg

Blended in:

stila mango crush-3.jpg

All in all, a nice purchase. Steep at £17 if you as me, should be more like £12. I like the colour but I am not sure how it would work on cool toned gals – its sped everything up when I am in a rush anyway and is well worth buying if you like these kinds of tones.

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  1. says

    so true about the twist up pens! i always end up having to wipe 90% of it off the tip before i can even do anything with it because so much comes rushing out! i saw this in sephora and was intrigued, but the price point kinda steered me clear. glad you ended up liking it, though!