Bargain Find: Multy Bath Sponge for Scrub a Dub Dub!

Just a quickie, thought I’d share this cool buy that I got from Home Bargains (a discount store in the UK):

multy sea sponge bath sponge.jpg

The item is a Multy Bath Sponge. It looks like a natural sea sponge to be. It cost me a grand….29p!

I love this sponge! Its highly absorbent and has a light exfoliating texture. I Googled Multy and apparently they make household cleaning sponges!

multy .jpg

This sponge is much nicer than the usual ones you get from the shops – less harsh and lasts longer too. Unfortunately you can never predict what they’ll have at Home Bargains, otherwise I’d buy another 5 to stock up!

multy sea sponge.jpg

Found any cool bargains lately?

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  1. says

    LOVE home Bargains, Im always at the one on Regents Road ha, don’t like the one in town, bit chaotic for me. Not noticed these before though, like you say though, they could have them this week then never again. I’ll be keeping a look out though! Love me a good bath sponge!