Review: Kao Biore UV Moist Face Milk SPF Protection Lotion!

If you don’t want to get too wrinkly, said the Prune to the Pineapple, then stay out of the sun!

Alas, no one has ever said that to me, not a prune or a pineapple because I live in England, and a rain sodden part of the country too. Sun would be a fine thing.

Nevertheless, friends I have from the sunnier climes are quite religious with SPF. Indeed, in Asia, the UV Milk is a popular addition to the daily skincare routine.

So I’ve decided that I need protection. We all need some protection. Don’t let any boy tell you different.

So I got this – Biore UV Moist Face Milk:

Biore UV - Product.jpg

I actually wanted the Sofina UV Cut Milk but it was too expensive. Just sayin’.

They say:

Superior lightweight UV block for face, Moisturising Formula. Offers SPF50+/ PA+++, also an ideal moisturising makeup base, it prevents skin from drying due to UV rays and air-conditioning to keep skin smooth and supple.

biore uv .jpg

The Biore UV range comes in three variations, Moist (purple lid), Perfect (white lid) and Bright Face (Pink Lid). I got moist because of my dry skin.

The key thing about these UV ‘milks’ is that they are far lighter in texture than the SPF’s we are used to in England. The texture is mega light despite offering a ridiculously high level of protection.

When I used to get sun cream it left a white slick on the skin – and I’m talking fairly costly brands too, still quite haven’t got the daily facial sunscreen just right.

biore uv.jpg

Now, you have to shake this stuff before it comes out of the bottle to get the water/oil amalgamation (that must be in my top 5 of favourite words) to bind together.

One thing I’m not too fond of with these UV milks is that I find they are a little shimmery when first applied to the skin. This does settle and it does go under make up, but even so, its not ideal.

Another downside (and this is the case with a lot of UV Milks) is the inclusion of alcohol – this makes the product dry faster on the skin. Its present in quite a lot of Japanese products but its not ideal if you are dry already.

The texture:

biore uv-1.jpg

Mmmmm. Its very runny. I can’t help but feel like this feels a tad like a ‘slick’ on my face. It just does.

Its cost effective though, I think it was about £7 (for 30ml) from I wouldn’t hesitate to slather this on every day if I were on holiday or somewhere sunny, but its not something I would use every day in the UK because my foundations all have SPF already and this just doesn’t feel 100% right on my skin.

biore uv-2.jpg


Yay if you are used to UV milks – this is a lot cheaper than Anessa or Shiseido or Sofina.

Yay if you live in a hot country and NEED SPF 50 every day

Nay for everyday if you live in England and spend most of your day behind a computer eating Pringles talking about the reasoning behind Katie Price’s actions.

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  1. Caroline says

    I personally love milk sunscreens, I use the Sofina one my friend got it for me from Japan for a fiver :D. I still have about 8 diffrent sunscreen to try, but I’m getting through them one by one…

    • Row says

      Hi Caroline!

      Me too! Most of mine are quite thick which isn’t ideal! I have bout 5 to use / try out!

  2. Rachel says

    Hey Row,

    Have you tried Keys Solar RX before? If not, would you consider giving it a go?? It’s been rated as the safest sunscreen in the market.

  3. limon says

    Oh wow..thanks for review. I’ve been using Paula’s Choice facial sunscreen moisturizers..I’m fairly satisfied with it now, but it is a bit thick and does leave a slight white cast if you are darker skin (but that’s normal for products with Zinc oxide). I was curious whether Japanese market offered facial SPF lotions and creams. Now I know. Keys Solar RX sounds interesting, but I don’t know about having Shea butter on my just sounds too rich. I’d like to look into it. Thanks.